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moonbooter - Orbit Number 2 (5.1 Surround DVD)


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    Model: dvdr-mb0602 | Shipping Weight: 2pcs. | Manufactured by: MellowJet-Records

file under: Surroundmix, Berliner Schule, Electronic Music, Electronica, House, Instrumental, IDM, Soundtrack, SpaceMusic, Techno, Trance, Vocal

2007 | Video 4:3 PAL Regionfree | 90 Minutes  | Ton: AC3 5.1 & Stereo PCM 


DE: Orbit Number 2 - 5.1 DVD ist die visuelle Umsetzung des gleich namigen CD-Albums von moonbooter. Zusätzlich zur Stereo-Spur wurden alle Songs in 5.1 Surround-Sound abgemischt. Das Menü der DVD beinhaltet einige zusätzliche und auch neue Videos von seinen Live-Konzerten. Dabei sind keine Live-Aufnahmen selbst zu sehen, sondern die visuellen Animationen und Filme, die die moonbooter-Konzerte stets begleiten. 

EN: Orbit Number 2 - 5.1 DVD is the visualized version of the similarly named CD-album from moonbooter. Additionally to the stereo-tracks all songs were mixed in 5.1 Surround-Sound. In the menu you can find a lot of additional videos from moonbooter's live-cencerts. There are no live videos but animations and films which are part of all moonbooter concerts. 





P l a y l i s t


1-genesis device 14:10 
apollo 11 mission, first man on the moon, fascinating view to earth from outer space, 
back on earth, future plans of a shuttle, the headquarter, the skylab, human motion 
at zero gravity 
2-out of silence 8:53 
from past to present, the progress of space technology, moving with supersonic speed, 
the x-30, the planets, our solar-systems, virtual flight and animations, mother earth, the 
fascination of other worlds 
3-orbit number 2 10:16 
testing and manufacturing of rockets, checking the human factor, new technology and 
development, the moon, the mercury programm, first american in orbit, storing data 
from missions, satellites 
4-core (space mix) 8:36 
the ISS, the beauty of planet earth, walk in space, astronauts, radiotraffic, building a 
new home in orbit, the space shuttle 
5-antagonism 7:15 
fractal videos from the moon-surface, men on the moon, the audience on earth 
6-illusion (sky mix) 10:32 
an interesting view from our earth into the sky, see the clowds and enjoy the 
illusions and emaginations music can bring 
7-free from dawn (long version)-- 6:02 
animations from the 60th, possibilities and reality, satellites, the mars, the space shuttle 
8-hymne de la lune 8:14 
inverted movies, the space center, east meets west in space, landing in the pacific 
9-as time goes by 6:39 
pictures of the history of nasa, from past to present 
10-orgasmik 10:33 
rescue the cap and crew, surface of the moon, landing and exploring the moon, scheduling 
the mission, flying man, man in orbit, the rocket steps, the lunar module, live from the 
surface of the moon 

P l a y e r



C o n t e n t

The "orbit number 2 - DVD" release  is a composition of new electronic music and old NASA film clips. This DVD contains 10 different missions, showing the best and some never seen scenes of the mercury and apollo project, space shuttle, man in 
space, the NASA SpaceCenter, Skylab, ISS and many more + some computer animations. 
The music is completely mastered in 5.1 Surround sound for a new and interesting experience in consuming the greatest adventure of all time: the conquest of space.


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