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Dear visitors ,
on this page we would like to answer in a nutshell some questions that have been put to us, and give some assistance to this shop.

Guidance and assistance to the webshop
With our online shop, we want to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Many functions of the shop is self-explanatory Nevertheless here are a few hints and tips:
On the left you will see "Categories" all available products where you can browse in peace. Did you find the album you want, then click on the appropriate button asy "Add to Cart". Now you can simply click on the top of the page on "shopping" and see all the goods and the major / shipping time. Do you have all the desired put products into your Warenkorg and want to complete the purchase, just click at the top of "Checkout".
Now you can create your personal account. Should they order from us again in the future, they still need to register with your e-mail address and password. Your previously entered data is then automatically displayed. Your address information, they can always use the button "Change account".
To complete the purchase, you first enter the desired shipping method, then the desired payment method. Or have they chosen this for PayPal, you will be forwarded to PayPal to pay more and can immediately execute online.
Do you want to pay the amount due, be them our account information in nächtsen step appears.
In any case, you will receive an email confirming your order.

You can now create your own account. In the future you can login via mail address and password and your
complete address details are automatically available.
You can now track your new orders and watch your account at any time.
Most of our MellowJet releases are now directly available as MP3 download and can immediately
be ordered and downloaded from this store.
This webshop is now directly linked to PayPal. After submitting your order you will be forwarded to PayPal
You can also still order via PrePayment / Bank transfer and by Cash on delivery within Germany.
Ordered MP3 downloads can be downloaded without any delay promptly after the PayPal payment.
We pay all PayPal-fees for you !
Shipping costs are calculated automatically for you.
Shipping costs can be followed up during your purchase in your "shopping cart".
Via "search" you can search easily for products or keywords.
Of course, we offer now also a search by music genre.
You may provide your personal opinions about products.
... and much more.


Guide to the MP3 downloads
About this webshop is purchased in addition to the purchase of CD / CDR / DVD 's also possible for an album as a download. This applies in principle only for albums from their own MellowJet catalog and not for albums that we do not publish or distribute them MellowJet records have been or will be.

The downloads include: a zip file with all songs of the corresponding album in MP3 format (320-224kB / s) plus
three covers files in high resolution (Booklet outside, the inside booklet and CD label) and a Albumart-JPG for your MP3 player. You still do not own a ZIP program: download here

The ordering process is simple:
Select the appropriate product view instead of "CD / CDR / VDV" the button "Download MP3"

The product can be added to your shopping cart by a click on the "add this to my cart"-button. Where this option is not shown, a download is not available.

You can order multiple products. The incurred costs always depend on the number of real products in your cart. 
Note: In addition to the estate, You also save on the shipping costs. This will not be charged for downloads of course.

Once you have completed Your purchase via the "checkout" you will find the option to download under the appropriate order in your account. You must be registered and the payment must be confirmed. This means:
a) You have successfully paid via PayPal, so the download will be immediately and automatically activated for you.
b) You pay via bank transfer, so the download will be released after receipt of your payment to our bank account for you.You will automatically receive a notification via email from us.

You can download the ZIP file 5 times within 14 days after activation. For more information, watch the overview. The files have sizes between 80 and 130 MB.

To download MP3's are the same copyright rules as for CD products. Please do not distribute our music illegally on the internet and please do not give our music to others, not even your best friend.

You may use the MP3's to burn to CDR and copy it to your MP3 player. The use is limited only to your personal, private use. The individual MP3 files contain a kind of "secret code". If illegal copies of our downloads appear on the Internet, we can identifiy the original purchaser. This code will also consist of a re-conversion, but in no way affect the compatibility. This code is not a copy protection.

to us, recommend us to Your friends


Can I also purchse via fax or letter?

Sure. You can order our product in following ways:


  Order via E-Mail send an E-Mail with Your wishes to

  Order via Letter print the orderform (Popup)

download the orderform (PDF) (Popup)

send your order-letter to:   Bernd Scholl Musikverlag
Oleftal 76
53937 Schleiden-Olef
All prices and ordernumbers You can find in this webshop.


What does CDR mean?
A CDR is a home-burned CD. The difference lies in the production of this volume. Währen CD's are machine-pressed, are CDR's even appropriate to describe a CDR drive. Especially in small batches, this is a good alternative to the substantial costs that brings with it pressure and prevent frequent publication. MellowJet sells both, so CD's and CDR's. About the icons below the covers on the relevant pages you can tell right away what kind of production it is.


What is the difference between CD and CDR?
A CDR is burned and printed himself. A CD is machine-pressed.


As the quality of the CDR's at MellowJet?
Basically, the quality is comparable to that of a CD. The CDR's at MellowJet have a 4-page, color booklet and a color loaded in the jewel case inlay card. We use production specially coated, high-gloss photo paper are very solid and bleach execution. The jewel cases themselves are of the highest quality, and is identical to the usual cases, as you know them from the "record store".
The CDR's, so the blanks themselves, which are printed in color. To avoid possible long Haltbarbeit and error during the firing process, we make use of selected media which are precisely matched to its use of CDR-drives and the burn rate. These blanks have also allow a direct printable surface, the photographic prints. The same goes for DVD-R and maxi-CDR. In addition, special high-quality brand blanks are used.


Like CD / CDR is to be treated?
What is true for the CD, also applies to the CDR. Thus, the products should not be exposed to direct sunlight, heat, cold or humidity. The best durability of the media can be reached in normal-temperature indoors protected from direct sunlight.


Own MellowJet-CD/CDR 's copy protection?


Can I copy the CD / CDR 's?
Copies of our products may not always to others, either for free or for a fee, continue to be given. Please note: To harmful to artists.
However, You may transform the music of our CD / CDR 's for example, your MP3 player into appropriate formats and create a backup copy for yourself.


Can I purchase music on well as download?
Part of the music will be today through download stores and then sold on the Internet. Nearly all the albums on, in addition to selling through our shop as a "real" CD / CDR also available for download on various portals. You can find our music on as, a spezialisiereten on EM sales portal. There you can buy the albums as MP3 or FLAC (Fomat without compression) including the covers. But on iTunes, Napster, Musicload and over 100 other shops in our catalog albums are available.


How quickly can you deliver ordered goods?
Usually the order will be shipped directly on the date of receipt of payment in our account. All of the products available in the shop mellowJet catalog are in stock and must fill in are not otherwise ordered in advance. A bank transfer may take one to three to five working days, depending upon which Institute refer you to us. Payments via Paypal will be reported to us immediately, and a transit can generally be initiated immediately. Ideally located your order within two to four business days in your mailbox. Deliveries abroad experience, and take a little longer depending on the country.


How can I order a CD from you?
The really convenient way of working through our webshop. As an alternative to the webshop you can also send a fax or a letter or call us. The information can be found on the home.


Can I pay securely through PayPal?
In short, yes.


What countries do you ship?
In short, Worldwide.


You want to send us a promo CD?
MellowJet is always on the lookout for new and well-known musicians / artists / bands.
Please send your promotional material to:
MellowJet Records
Bernd Scholl Music Publisher - Promo
Oleftal 76
53937 Schleiden-Olef
You can also send us a link to your MP3's. Use the contact form or our contact email address. Please send us but please no music directly via e-mail. Also our space is limited. In addition, we need like some info about your musical career and to Internet pages (Homepage, Myspace, etc.) to us in advance to make a better impression of your project to. We generally publish only complete albums, not individual songs. The processing time normally takes 1-2 weeks. Please give us this time. Thank you for your interest.


What is the PayPal account of MellowJet records?
The account name is: paypal (@)


How do You send the goods?
We send our goods exclusively with Deutsche Post or, depending on package size, with DHL.
We have made in recent years with these partners the best experience. Small order quantities (up to 6 CD's) are sent by us in bubble bags. Ab 7 CD's, we use traditional carton packaging.


I want a CD to give further buy from you. What to look for it?
Please notify us with this wish in the comment line with the order. We will be sealed in accordance Jewlcase the CD. Is a CD packaged in foil, so we will not seal them. A return of the goods is only possible with an intact and undamaged seal foil.


I can not send a CD for easy back-pleasure?
No, that does not work. With this legal ruling is to prevent illegal copies created and then the product is re-introduced back. That's why we offer you to listen to all albums / songs pre-probe-to-or, if this is not possible to order a sg-CDR Examples with us. We may, however, before a customer friendly solution for the case to be found.


A CD / CDR is defective. What can I do?
If present, the case that a defect in your CD or CDR is delivered, we will send you immediately and free of charge within one month of service a replacement copy. Please inform us of the defect (preferably with a short description (eg, Title 5 is at 3:08 minutes) by mail to us. The easiest answer to this on your order confirmation email that you received from us..




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