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Dear friends of electronic music,

since November 2018 you can now find (almost) all our albums from the MellowJet catalogue on Bandcamp. Our goal is to always offer you an alternative to the MellowJet webshop. Bandcamp has developed into an interesting music platform for independent music in the last years. So it was obvious to choose this alternative.

As already mentioned all albums are now available on Bandcamp, but only almost. Some of the artists on our label already have their own page there. We like to keep this as it is. But we can't offer their music again.

The prices on Bandcamp are more expensive than the downloads via the Mellowjet-Webshop, because we pay fair prices to our artists. Usuall is 4% (source: ). We always pay the artist 3,00€ for the sale of an album (CD or download). So this is usually more than 30%. To stay with our “3,00€ per album concept” we had to adjust the price accordingly.

 On Bandcamp there are no High-Resolution FLACs from us and we also don't offer the complete artwork which is usual in our webshop.

Bandcamp is especially advantageous for those music fans that like to stream their music on the go and don't want to manage it on their private computer.

So you have the choice and can decide for yourself which system suits you best. Finally, a note: If you ever lose an album already purchased in our webshop, we will be happy to activate it again on request.  I hope this information will help you.

With best regards and lots of fun with our music

Bernd "moonbooter" Scholl


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