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moonbooter - Lunatic Voyage (5.1 Surround DVD)


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    Model: dvdr-mb0901 | Shipping Weight: 2pcs. | Manufactured by: MellowJet-Records

file under: Surroundmix, Electronic Music, Electronica, House, Instrumental, IDM, Soundtrack, SpaceMusic, Techno, Trance, Vocal

release 2009  | ~ 142 minutes


B E T W E E N   M O O N   A N D   E A R T H


DE: Lunatic Voyage -THE DVD ist die visuelle Umsetzung des gleich namigen CD-Albums von moonbooter. Zusätzlich zur Stereo-Spur wurden alle Songs in 5.1 Surround-Sound abgemischt. Das Menü der DVD beinhaltet einige zusätzliche und auch neue Videos von seinen Live-Konzerten. Dabei sind keine Live-Aufnahmen selbst zu sehen, sondern die visuellen Animationen und Filme, die die moonbooter-Konzerte stets begleiten. 


EN: Lunatic Voyage -THE DVD is the visualized version of the similarly named CD-album from moonbooter. Additionally to the stereo-tracks all songs were mixed in 5.1 Surround-Sound. In the menu you can find a lot of additional videos from moonbooter's live-cencerts. There are no live videos but animations and films which are part of all moonbooter concerts. 



 P l a y l i s t
1 -against agitation (origin & revelation)
2 -senseless vision ***
3 -selene on the dark side of  the moon **
4 -lunar eclipsed ***
5 -intermezzo ***
6 -path to alaia ***
7 -between the sentiments *
8 -infect me ***
9 -early awaken ***
10 -Sequenzer 9 *
11 -somewhere between moon and earth *
12 -reflected glory ***


13 - arped obesession * (from the album "under control")
14 -life in paece *  (from the album "devided")
15 -not real *  (from the album "under control")
16 -origin of infinity * (from the CD "Planetenmodell Hagen")

+ Production-Pictures and more...


* Live@Electronic Circus, Bielefeld, Germany 2008
** Live@Gasometer Oberhausen, Germany 2008 
*** LiveGasometer Oberhausen, Germany 2008

P l a y e r



C r e d i t s
guitars by Alex Bellwood / some Pianos by Michaela Scholl / female voices by Adiane Boldt






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