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Dithmar - Zodiac Zeit


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    Artikelnummer: cdr-dd0901 | Gewicht: 1Stück | Hergestellt von: MellowJet-Records

file under: Ambient, Berliner Schule, Electronic Music, Instrumental, Hypnotic

2009 | 77:05 minutes


P l a y e r



the Best CD 2009 of the auditors-election of the German Schallwelle-Preis: 


P l a y l i s t & Explanations

A description of a grand scale natural phenomena. The huge Chenaga Glacier in the Kenai Mountains, Alaska, opened up what is known as the Nassau 
#Fjord. The way nature can move mountains fills me with admiration and makes humble as a human being in the massive world that nature represents.

Imagine being a tiny molecule cruising around in an electronic printboard. Sometimes you lean back going in the same direction as all the other 
molecules around you, but then you arrive at the processor - a huge intersection filled with molecular traffic. Complex? To say the least...

3 - RELÄTIVITY (8:59)
A musical tribute to the founder of the Theory of Relativity - Albert Einstein. What would the world have been like without his theories? More or less as 
boring as a musical world without electronic music.

4 - KRASNOYARSK (9:10)
The city of Krasnoyarsk is in some ways the capital of the cold and waste landscape of Siberia. The track is a musical picture of that landscape.

5 - MOON 2047 (6:59)*
A track composed together with EM-legend, Harald Grosskopf. The track sets of with a sound from his 1980 album, Synthesist, called "1847 Earth", and 
evolves from there into a more futuristic sound and ends up in 2047 - on the moon.

6 - MORGENDIS (6:09)
Recreation af a feeling of peace and quiet I got sitting alone looking at a Copenhagen moor at sundawn. The word is Danish and means Morning Haze. 
Some months after making the track, I got to meet Bjørn from Nattefrost (Nighttime Frost). That made me smile as it sounds like I'm referring to Bjørn and 
his music. After the nighttime frost comes the morning haze...

The longest track on the album, with a very hypnotic and static mood. Since I made it, I used so many times when I need to relax and think things through 
and totally forgot that I actually made it myself. It has sort alienated and turn it to a life of it's own.

8 - LADAISM (11:56)
A track that is influenced from a production I made on a tribute album, Glimtvis, made in honour of Danish poet, Tom Kristensen. He is great interpreter 
of a poetic movement called dadaism as I call it. The production I was inspired by is called Night in Berlin, where Kristensen is describing the pulse of 
that city. A pulse I needed to describe again, and made a title combined of Lada and dadaism.


total time:  77:05

* together with Harald Grosskopf 



C r e d i t s
All tracks composed and arranged by Dithmar, except "Moon 2047" composed by Dithmar and Harald Grosskopf
Programmed, produced and mixed at "The Epicenter" | Coproduction and keyboards by Thor at Alternative Music Studio
Mastered by Rune Zetterström at "The Couch" | Coverart and design by Epigraph and Gifted Media

Thanks to Thor for participating in this project. Thanks to Harald Grosskopf for contributing the track Moon 2047 to the CD. 
Thanks to Rune Zetterström for handling the important final phaze of the production. Thanks to Bernd for releasing it. 
Cheers to Troels, Nico, Trentemöller, Steph, Bjørn and Thor for inspiration, advice and facilities. Thanks to my family for 
supporting this. Nille and Vic - I love you!

C o n t e n t


Dithmar, mit vollständigem Namen, Dennis Dithmar ist Elektronikmusiker und lebt in Dänemark. Wer sich in den letzten Jahren hin und wieder in den bekannten Musik-Podcasts getummelt hat, dem wird dieser Name bereits ein Begriff sein. Denn seine Musik lief bereits auf all diesen Sendern, war aber bis dato nirgendwo zu haben. Im Juni 2009 ist nun seine erstes Album "Zodiac Zeit" auf MellowJet-Records erhältlich. Und das Album hat es in sich. Es ist schwer Dithmar´s Musik zu beschreiben: Die Stimmung seiner Musik wirkte auf mich zunächst etwas melancholisch. Zwischen diesen Tönen blitzen immer mal subtile Melodien und Klänge  durch, die in mir auf Anhieb neben tiefer Entspannung ein angenehm euphorisches Gefühl erzeugen. Die Musik ist sequenzerlastig und hat bekannte Element, die an Schulze erinnern. Darüber hinaus besitzt die Musik einen sehr warmen und außergewöhnlichen Klang, den man in dieser Art selten zu hören bekommt. Die an dieser Stelle zu umfangreiche Geschichte zur Entstehung des Albums und des Covers kannst Du in voller Länge weiter unten lesen. Track 5 "moon" entstand übrigens in Zusammenarbeit mit EM-Legende Harald Grosskopf. Ich denke wir werden in Zukunft noch einiges von Dithmar zu hören bekommen. Bernd Scholl August 2009

Zodiac Zeit refers to the era in West Berlin in the late 60's and early 70's, when the biggest pioneers in what would later be known as electronic music met at the Zodiac Free Arts Lab. Conrad Schnitzler, Edgar Froese and Klaus Schulze was just a few of the great minds gathered at this small but vibrant cultural mekka. It all happened in the shade of the East German flag, as the city was literally surrounded by the East German Republic. A factor that had a huge impact on the citizens of West Berlin - not only political but very much on their culture aswell. It was obvious that the West Berliners strived to be different and do things their own way.

This situation is culturally very similar to the situation i Copenhagen today. The freetown of Christiania is surrounded by a 
society that wants them to do things the ordinary way, but the cultural life of Christiania keep delivering artists and acts 
that do things their own way. Danish electronic legend, Anders Trentemöller, is a typical product of the vibe that rules at 
Christiania, as is Dithmar. The two had the pleasure of working together in the eighties, as Trentemöller participated on 
Dithmar's first solo album, Computa, from 1998.

Zodiac Zeit is made as a tribute. It all started when Dithmar started recognizing his old German roots on the electronic 
music stage, and made a few remakes of TD and Schulze tracks. TD fanzone frontrunner, Chris Newman, discovered 
these tracks, and started playing them on his TDFZ online radiostation. The reactions on Dithmar's Myspace profile 
pushed him into making his own tracks and the Zeit Project was born. Dithmar chose to stick to the original 
sentiment - recognizing his respect for the old Berlin School music. Hence that the obvious musical link to 
Froese/Schulze is not a coincidence. It is indeed very close to the sound of Dithmar's old heroes.

Q & A   about  ZODIAC ZEIT:
Q:How long have you been composing music?
A: I guess I started making my first electronic tracks at the age of 15. With the musical background from Sankt Annæ 
Gymnasium it was a bit easier, than if I started from scratch.

Q:What kind of music have you made over the years?
A: As a composer it has mainly been electronic music in genres from club to ambient. Besides that I have produced 
pop, rock, house, tech, jungle, drum'n bass along with music for movie scores and event music for cultural exhibitions.

Q: Why the name Zodiac Zeit?
A: The project was called Zeit, as it was a snapshot of old electronic music done in my time - my Zeit. Not to confuse 
the project with the legendary Tangerine Dream album with the same name, the Zodiac word was added to akknowlegde 
the roots from Berlin in the 60's and 70's.

Q: Why do you use the East German flag as a cover, when the album refers to West Berlin?
A: West Berliners lived in the shade of the DDR, and that influenced them greatly. Not only politically but also culturally. 
Besides that the flag makes the cover easy to distinguish from other covers I have used in older releases.

Q: There are pictures in the cover of both the Berlin Wall and wall and artwork at Christiania - what is that all about?
A:Christiania is a cultural nesting place very similar to West Berlin. I didn't have the opportunity to be in West Berlin 
back then as I was hardly born, but I have had a good deal of my musical upbringing at Christiania, and want to emphasize
that. Besides that it's funny to see the grafitti on the Berlin Wall being very similar to what you see at Christiania.

Q: You list a lot of instruments and plugins for your productions. How do you work with them?
A: Most of the tracks I make starts out on one computer with a limited use of software synths and effects. When the track 
evolves I have studios that grants me free access to a large number of vintage synths and drum machines and have a broad 
variety of musical software.

Q: You mention Thor on the CD - who is he?
A: Thomas Thor Ulstrup is an old friend that I started working with 10-15 years ago. He is an extraordinaire ambient artist 
that lives and breethes Moog. If you cut him open and check his DNA I'm sure it'll spell Moog for you. Together we have a 
working colaboration called Krasnoyarsk, and plan to release albums under that name in the future. 

Q: The tracks on Zodiac Zeit has a tendency to sound very much like the Berlin Oldschool. Where are you in that music?
A: The massive link to the Berlin era is very deliberate. It wouldn't be a true tribute album, if I only had the name and cover, 
and made music with no obvious link to that era. Future releases will be 100% me, but people will soon enough hear, that 
a big part of my musical background comes from back then anyway.

used G e a r
Synths: JD800, Minimoog, Minimoog, Prodigy, Nordlead, Virus, Theremin, Juno 106, Moog Voyager
VSTi´s: ARP2600V, MinimoogV, CS80V, Modular System, Cronox3, Drumatic, FAW Circle, Atomic, GForce Strings, 
Shuniji, Protoplasm, ReFX Claw, z3ta, Rhino, Predator, Blue, Massive, Korg Legacy, Superwave, Sylenth, Komplexer, 
Absynth, The Grand, Addictive Drums, Superior Drummer, Pro53, B4II, Toxic, Lounge Lizard, Morphine, Sytrus, 
Philharmonik, Personal Orchestra



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