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Carboneids - Anthems to the Twilight Vol.1 (EP)


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    Artikelnummer: cdr-ca1201 | Gewicht: 1Stück | Hergestellt von: MellowJet-Records

file under: Electronic Music, Electronica, Experimental, IDM, Instrumental, Progressive

1/2012 | 24:43 minutes

this is an EP (Extended Play)

Carboneids >>> Anthems to the Twilight Vol.1


P l a y l i s t

1   Anthems to the Twilight   08:39
2   Silhouettes   03:17
3   Misanthropic   04:36
4   Realisation Path   03:30
5   The Loner   03:44

P l a y e r



C o n t e n t

This is dark, thrilling electronic music, soaked with extremely fine melodies, harmonies and a touch of the electronic sound from the early eighties. Carboneids produced with "Anthems to the Twilight 1" a short but high quality piece of electronic music. A real anthem to the dark side. 

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