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Harald Nies - Magnetic Deflection


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file under: Ambient, Berliner Schule, Electronic Music, Instrumental, Progressive, SpaceMusic, Spacerock

2006/2009 | 62:12 minutes




P l a y l i s t

1 Magnetic Deflection 5:47
2 Lightconversation 5:35
3 Alpenglühen 11:32
4 Harfentanz 5:05
5 Aqualin 8:47
6 Quantum 4:51
7 Nebula Sources 5:10
8 OSC Trip 10:55
9 Between Stars and Ocean 4:07



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 audiomastering &  coverdesign by  m o o n b o o t e r 

  • Artikelnummer: cdr-hn0973
  • Gewicht: 1 Stück
  • Hergestellt von: MellowJet-Records


global reviews
Sylvain: ... Humm... falling in love with the BS. Hearing again those echotic loops, which cross time to tickle our old memories. What a beautiful scenario! And what would you say if I tell you that this sonorous text comes again from a German guitarist? As Manual Göttsching, Harald Nies is an amateur of sound from synth and electronic guitar, from which he acquired certain bases by no other one that Klaus Hoffmann Hoock, the brilliant Minds Over Matter?s guitarist and a great sound engineer. Magnetic Deflection is its 3rd opus, a fairyland of throbbing loops and sequences, whose vibrations carve our passion. It?s quite a rock title that opens Magnetic Deflection. A short wavering intro, just before a synth with a very Victorian melody, is inserted in the swirls of a spiral sequence that percussions hammer at deep skin. A heavy sequence backed by a greedy which coo on a thick synth, with parallel divisions, that such a tuneful piano following to trace. The unfolding of the sequences and the synthesized lines is strength on Harald Nies, which can thus have control on his parts. Here, on Magnetic Deflection he has fun pushing the infernal rhythm in corridors with explosive sequences. Just like on Aqualin, another track with infernal rhythm, between rock, prog and EM, on heavy and ceaseless swirl as well as desynchronized lines, arched with light modulations in tonalities. The bouncing rhythm of Lightconversation progresses on an undulating synth, which forms beautiful harmonious segments, being amalgamated on a beautiful thematic melody. A superb guitar marries melodiously this spiral lifting its tuneful lament on superb loops, like Ashra. Superb! Alpenglühen is the pièce of résistance on Magnetic Deflection. Short an austere intro mould our emotions, while introducing a hatched sequence which whirls with softness on a floating synth. A beautiful swelling movement with multiple sequences, on rotary percussions. Acute, synth whistles beautiful solos which fly over an increasingly nervous sequence, which is detached from its original corridor, to multiply rhythmic opportunities. Hypnotic and bewitching, the synth multiplies the modulations, under its loose tuneful sleeves until the guitar appears with aphrodisiacs loops that raise all the pileous system of our body, and even beyond. The notes flocculate under sonorities of electronic harp and Harfentanz lulls us in the mellotron structures of Richard Pinhas, East/West kind. Uncoupling it, the chords gambol under sumptuous mellotrons and looping solos, a wonder. After Aqualin, Harald Nies presents his more experimental side with Nebula Sources, a title which sails between the ambient and the soft blues. Whereas OSC Trip is a slow procession, which starts on a weak moderate tempo and beautiful flowing synth, to kiss the night territories of sweetish atmospheres. Connection between stars and the ocean is amazing of authenticity on Between Stars and Ocean. We hear many swirls from crystalline wave which turns towards the skies, to flood thirsty stars. I loved this Harald Nies 1st contact, Magnetic Deflection is an opus which tints and amalgamates with wonder, progressive and electronic sonorities of the 70?s. A beautiful voyage in time, without losing from ear, the more contemporary sonorities.