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moonbooter´s real name > Bernd Scholl
Location: Eifel, near Cologne, Germany





moonbooter is an Electronic Music project located in the German Eifel. The man behind the project is Bernd Scholl (*1971), who already worked as a DJ, artist and music producer for club-orientated music in the 80th and 90th. At that time, he already loved the softer, classic Electronic Music.After a break for some years, Bernd produces his first EM-album "Teralogica" in 2003, which was first released in 2004 at Syngate-Records. The album "devided" and "orbit number 2" (CD and DVD) followed. Short time after releasing his 4th album "Under Control", Bernd Scholl founded his own record-label "MellowJet-Records" in 2007, which was fastly well-established. MellowJet-Records released 100 international Albums so far.With "lunatic voyage" (2008) moonbooter ends his musical altercation with "conquest of space" and "history of NASA". Besides countless small Gigs, moonbooter played a lot of concerts at Planetarium Bochum, Gasometer Oberhausen, Ambient-Experience, Electronic-Circus, Satzvey Castle, Planetenmodell Hagen and much more. So the artists present his albums "Cosmoclimax and Cosmologica" at sold-out concerts at the Planetarium Bochum.Additionally he writes as an author articles and interviews for several magazines, make a lot of masterings and works, besides his label, as webdveloper and designer for countless music- and web-projects.In 2009 moonbooter released with "World of Apes 1" the his first political-motivated album (-trilogy), dealing with the nuclear madness in the world. In contrast his albums Cosmoclimax (2009) and Cosmologica (2010) deal with the amazing phenomenons in cosmos. Moonbooters music can be characterized as rhythmic, melodic and challenging Electronic Music. Bernd himself calls it "Hybrid Electronic Music of the next   Generation", because he always tries to combine actual styles and sounds with the roots of electronic music from the 70th to 80th. In sound and music his output is at an extremely high level, which is also honoured by press.

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