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Baaden & Cremer

biography   Andreas Baaden  Location: Bad Honnef, Germany

and  Uwe Cremer aka Level π   Location: Cologne, Germany

EN: At the end of December 2008 Andreas received a strange mail about the now almost forgotten MySpace. The sender was a certain level π looking for people with similar music taste. Andreas decided not to drag the message into the trash and wrote back. So the musicians Uwe Cremer from Cologne and Andreas Baaden from Aegidienberg got to know each other.

Soon it turned out that they not only wanted to exchange music, but also to create music together. At that time, both were already involved in various music projects. Andreas was just in the founding phase with his rock band Basement Two, Uwe was in the middle of producing a new solo album. But it was immediately clear to them: This Rhineland cooperation will be a project all its own!

For more than ten years now, baaden/cremer have been meeting for jamming - either in Uwe's studio in Cologne or in Andreasʼ "Antares-Studio" in Aegidienberg. Already the first sessions resulted in material that is very independent: classical prog rock paired with electronic music of the Berlin School. Sometimes they were purely electronic jams, then they rocked again. Finally, at a session in December 2017, the idea was born to rework the sound of some of the pieces and publish them. The album 'aufbruch' was born.

Baaden/Cremer - Aufbruch

Baaden/Cremer - Aufbruch


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