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Grosskopf + Baltes&Erbe + Battery Dead LIVE

Awakenings, June 24th 2017, Regely UK


wellenvorm, BatteryDead & moonbooter LIVE

Planetarium Münster November 25 2017



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Claus Holm Lynglund & Bjørn Jeppesen (aka Nattefrost)

Location: Copenhagen / Denmark


Carboneids began in January 1998 starting with the name 99 Nidding and varied experimental music.

In August 1998 they recorded 5 tracks with electronic equipment and electric bass & Guitars. Those were never released

That recording session later became their first release called "A JOURNEY TO PLANET ELEKTRA". The tracks were re-recorded in Nattefrost studio from September to October 1998. This mini cd was limited to 40 copies and they are all sold out. It was released Under the name Zone 99, but in the beginning of 1999 the name was changed to Carboneids.

Carboneids recorded over 60 tracks between 1999-2001. Later only 12 of them were chosen to be on the first full length album called "...and dark nights". The album was released in april 2004. Before the album was complete, a 3 inch single called "Petrifacted moon" was released. It contains 5 tracks.

The 2nd album "Synthsyg" was released on the 17th October 2005 by HZ Records. "Synthsyg" is different to ".And dark nights". Carboneids had changed their style to the more floating, melodic and harmonic music. On "Synthsyg" they also worked with a different sound through various synthesizers and vocoders.


Cover AlbumTitel- Preis
Carboneids - Anthems to the Twilight Vol.1 (EP)

Carboneids - Anthems to the Twilight Vol.1 (EP)


Carboneids - Synthsyg

Carboneids - Synthsyg

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Carboneids - and dark nights 1

Carboneids - and dark nights 1


Carboneids - and dark nights 2

Carboneids - and dark nights 2