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Visible Breath

biography Paul Jaffrey  aka Dun Strummin   Location: Aylesbury, U.K. 

Discography (Visible Breath):
Fuse (2004), 
Degrees of Light (2007)
Tropospheric (2010)

Collaborated with:
Maria Rogers (Degrees of Light), Gabrielle Agachiko (Degrees of Light), Penny Moorhed (Degrees of Light)

Born in Aylesbury in 1958, he moved several times when growing up before his family settled in Princes Risborough where he took part in the school orchestra on percussion and in his first band on Bass in 1973 before finally moving back to Aylesbury in 1987. He was a "Tape Op" & "Tea Maker" in a studio for a short period while producing the score for a TV documentary. However, he was always more at home in his project studio writing and producing original music. He started experimenting with 2 track "sound on sound" open reel tape machines in the late 70s, moving onto the first of the cassette multitrackers in the early 80s. Various band projects arrived for which he became in-house writer, sound engineer and demo producer whilst also performing on Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, 12-String Guitar & B.Vox just for a change of scenery (though not all in the same band). After a break from music production for a few years he upgraded his studio with a digital 16 track HDD recorder in 2003 and quickly realized what was achievable with the new digital hardware. Soon after, the Visible Breath project was born along with the "Fuse" CD which enjoyed a total of 7 Internet No.1 chart positions. "Degrees of Light" followed in 2007 which featured a mostly instrumental 30min suite portraying Yuri Gagarin's first manned orbit of the Earth. The second half was a collection of "Nocturnes" including vocal contributions from Maria Rogers, Gabrielle Agachiko and Penny Moorhed. "Tropospheric" (2010) is a return to the genre in which he started all those years ago, except this time using far more up to date equipment. He hopes to produce a follow up to "Tropospheric" in the near future.

Visible Breath - Tropospheric

Visible Breath - Tropospheric


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