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Harald Nies - Earthcreator


global reviews
1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen
Sylvain Lupari, April 2010: ... Earthcreator is the album of change for Harald Nies. Sharply more ethereal and electronic than his previous works, Harald Nies built up his own sound identity, abandoning the tag of an emulator of Ashra and Mind Over Matter. On Earthcreator he shaped a more complex musical universe and richer in synthesized variations, demonstrating his hold on his direction and his artistic evolution. If Nies is less caustic and incisive, he became wiser and more poetic. He doesnt hesitate to exploit his introversion, which very often made the difference between a good album and a more complex and mature album where emotions feel in skin deep.

global reviews
1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen
Stephan Schelle, 3/2010: Ja es stimmt wirklich, Harald hat mit Earthcreator sein bisher bestes Album an den Start gebracht. Wer melodische Elektronikmusik mag, der kommt mit dieser CD voll auf seine Kosten. Earthcreator ist eine CD, die noch oft ihre Runden in meinem Player drehen wird.

global reviews
1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen
Kristian Persson / Sweden: Harald has developed and matured even more. He
certainly shows he is able to do everything ranging from ambient and
chill-out music, to a more progressive-rock oriented band-like feel
with a dash of 'Pink Floyd guitars'. I have all of Harald's albums in
my collection, and this one is, just like the press info says, one of
his best, right beside 'Cryptic Labyrinth' and 'Magnetic Deflection'.
Though, It has a deeper progressive feel to it and more guitars added
than any of his other releases, with perhaps the exception for
'Cryptic Labyrinth'. I personally like the first track 'Seven Features
In One Dream' the most. Mainly because of the "massive" use of guitars
in it, but also because it develops in a very dreamy way with melody
and structure that does it's job very well throughout. Another great
piece is 'Dividing Waters'. A track with long dreamy/atmospheric
sequences that builds this nicely done track in a lush way, and also a
track that shows Harald's more melodic side. This track wouldn't be
too far out of place somewhere on a mid 80's Planetarium CD. A rather
cinematic journey with a beautiful deep-space feel. A grand experience
to my ears! Then we have 'Interaction of Elements'. It's yet another
spacey and atmospheric journey with a beautiful deep space factor to
it. This shows especially in the beginning of the track as the
sequencing takes place in the background accompanied with the sounds
of flutes, and soon another sequence starts, just to add more depth
and emotion as the dreamy synth sounds progresses, and at the same
time takes you higher and higher. The other tracks are good as well,
but not as "complex" and beautiful as the above mentioned. So all in
all, this CD is a must-have for those who are familiar with Harald's
earlier works. As for the newcomers. Start with either this album or
'Cryptic Labyrinth' to get a feel what Nies music is all about. Either
way, this is top notch EM with a solid prog-rock flavor! Buy the CD
and stop Dreaming and start Daydreaming!. Recommended!
4 stars out of 5 from me! ]