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Harald Nies - Spacejuggler


global reviews
1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen
Sylvain: A little in the same spirit than Magnetic Deflection, Spacejuggler opens with a more symphonic
rock approach. The bass is easy going and undulating, on a mellotron synth with rhythm support
by good percussions. Guitar and synth are matching on flights and intertwining of harmonious
complicity. A solid start which depicts a more direct approach, on rhythms and melodies which
will hang throughout Harald Nies 4th opus.

Dual System is a beautiful title which makes the spleen runs in our veins. A beautiful intro with
light swirl on flowing bass. The tone becomes more freshen, playing between the rhythms of melodious
harmonies to reserve melancholy, on a beautiful dreamy synth. The guitar is heavy and amplifies this
atmosphere of nostalgia. Chaotic cymbals open Lights in third Eyes on a sensual and daring bass,
which a superb mellotron synth supports of a solitary tenderness. A beautiful part which moves with
an eclectic sensuality, without sustain rhythm, languorously with a captivating rise. Orange Temple
is closer of traditional Berlin School with its dubious loop effects which are coupled on a minimalism
tempo, with hardly perceptible oscillations. Synth emits fine continual trinkets which gallop on good
percussions, whereas melodious twists curve a rich sound universe which spreads out its mellotron
layers, forging a seizing cosmic depth.

Magma Chakra is the only floating title of Dual Systems. A musical piece with heavy atmospheres
and undulations, which stir up the dark oscillations of Michael Stearns Chronos.

Around the 7th minute spot, the atmospheres are wriggling to conclude in a soft and flexible tempo,
guided by beautiful synth with the melodious whistles, as to awake our stiff emotions. Magma Chakra
gains with each listening. More volatile than Dual System, Weightless Suite runs of the same nostalgia.
And the piano which drives in our dreams, with a romantic softness, visits the little rosy universe of
Suzanne Cianni. More percussive, the big organ of Organic Section brings us in a dark world, where
breaths of an infantile softness lull our senses. A bit like the very first Vangelis; the pitch is soft before
escaping by the lane of insistent percussions which open a cavalry rhythm on constant oscillations and
drones. A track full of artistic paradoxes which sails out on turbid but harmonious water, endow of superb
and very hooky synth solos.

It is under a heavy shower of chimes that Starrain fluctuates with tenderness. A title in two movements,
which is reforming on a suave tempo with beautiful sinuous guitar to intense and poignant solos.

If Magnetic Deflection pleased, Dual Systems (NOW called SPACEJUGGLER) will do it again for sure.
Harald Nies continuous it work undertaken on its 3rd opus, but with more audacity. His evolution is clear
(Orange Temple, Magma Chakra and Organic Section), testifying an increasing maturity and a taste to
develop a more complex music, but always by privileging an accessibility, an opening for a still tepid
public. A good album, with beautiful lucky finds.