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Uwe Reckzeh - Part of Time


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file under: Ambient, Berliner Schule, NewAge, SpaceMusic

1995 | 71:50 minutes



 P l a y l i s t

  1 - Rising Star   6:48
  2 - Part of Time   6:59
  3 - The Hall of Visions   8:05
  4 - Elementary Voices   4:18
  5 - Silent Moves   6:36
  6 - Mirror of Infinity   6:24
  7 - Universal Avenue   6:54
  8 - Watching behind   5:56
  9 - Listen to the Whales   5:15
10 - Visit the Quit Zone   8:09 (Bonustrack)
11 - Sirius   6:26  (Bonustrack)

digital remastered & new artwork



 P l a y e r

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C o n t e n t

Auf "Part of Time" finden sich Uwe Reckzeh´s erste Solo-Stücke, die bereits zu seinen "Project"-Zeiten, also Mitte der 90er Jahre, entstanden sind. Einige davon wurden bereits auf "Trance Meditation" (1995) und "Universe" (1996) veröffentlicht. [1998 bei den Schwingungenwahlen hab ich mir gedacht, die Aufnahmen von mir und 2 weitere Bonustracks erneut zu veröffentlichen. Deshalb auch der Titel "Part of Time" - Teil der Zeit.]. Nun hat das Album sein endgültiges Gesicht und eine finale Zusammenstellung gefunden. Alle Songs wurden mit hohem Aufwand neu gemastert. 


  On "Part of Time" Uwe Reckzeh´s presents his first Solotracks in the middle of the 90th, when he was working on "Project". Some of the tracks are released on "Trance Meditation" (1995) und "Universe" (1996). [1998 during the Schwingungenwahlen I had the idea to rerelease these songs and 2 new Bonustracks. So I titled it "Part of Time"]
Now, in 2008, the album has become it´s final face and compilation. All songs were remastered with huge effort. 

  • Artikelnummer: cdr-ur0806
  • Gewicht: 1 Stück
  • Hergestellt von: MellowJet-Records


global reviews
Dave Law, www.synthmusicdirect.com´: The tracks from this album originate from some mid 90s projects unavailable on any of his current five other in print albums. They are all upbeat and either rhythmic or sequencer based (often both). Twangy pulses then a cracking rhythm propel 'Rising Star' forward in a wonderfully energetic manor. A stabbing bass line and staccato melodies add to the excitement making it hard to keep the body still. The title track deploys a steady bass rhythm over which a simple piano melody starts to form mutating into an infectious loop then subsiding in a sea of brooding atmospherics before emerging once more with renewed vigour. 'The Hall of Visions' brings a lovely sequence to play right from the first instant. Steady drums take things forward whilst lovely slow melodies float from the speakers giving a faintly Schulzian feel to proceedings. Things settle into a rather laid back pattern and I just closed my eyes and let myself be taken along with it all. 'Elementary Voices' keeps the sequencer in action; all very melodic the pulsations are too, morphing this way and that through the tracks duration. 'Silent Moves' has a gorgeous rather cosmic start with loads of soft sighing pads. A simply exquisite tuneful loop provides one of the real highlights on the album. Drums and sonic stabs create a syncopated wall whilst slow tuneful pads add a little softness. A lovely track. 'Mirror of Infinity' is initially all rather sinister until a wonderful rapid lead line strikes up changing the mood completely. I couldn't keep my hands still as they wanted to play air keyboard along with the music. Things do keep returning to moodier realms but this just gives the whole thing added depth. Yet another winner. Wistful little melodies provide a quite beautiful and tranquil start to 'Universal Avenue'. A high-hat line ups the tempo preparing the way for a spot on bass sequence and lovely combination of melodies, one rapid and the other silken. All these elements combine to create a euphoric head of steam. 'Watching Behind' starts with the sound of someone walking then a heartbeat before thunder and a breaking storm. A slow tinkling sequence is joined by a second meatier one, combining wonderfully to form a deep feeling of sadness. Lovely little lead lines add to this feeling as does an acoustic guitar refrain nearer the end. Yet another exquisite piece. 'Listen to the Whales' begins with the sound of said beasties before a heartfelt slow lead line comes in. It is really quite beautiful but I think the whale song could have been faded out earlier leaving the gorgeous sequences and lead lines more space to do their wonderful thing. 'Visit the Quit Zone' is a laid back gently pulsating meandering track ideal to chill out to. A piano lead line gets 'Sirius' underway which is then replaced by militaristic type drums and a throbbing bass line. We go through one melodic twist after another then the piano returns with added gusto providing a very enjoyable finish.
global reviews
Sylvain Lupari, gutsofdarkness.com: The music that builds Part of Time was composed in the mid 90s, when Uwe Reckzeh worked on Project and initiated the first lines of Behind the Northern Wasteland. A period where the German synthesist tergiversated between synth pop and a new kind of Berlin School, a more accessible kind. But is this enough sufficient to justify a collection old writings which, we got to admit, are of made up old women which, is necessary to acknowledge it, are superbly remixed by Bernd Scholl the big shot of MellowJet Records? Heavy and loud Rising Star opens with an impetuous bass line in a funky style. Percussions and sequences hammer a frantic tempo of West-Indian style, with a synth as furious as it rhythmic structure. A dynamic title out of the usual Uwe Reckzeh repertory. The title track continues the rhythmic ride of Rising Star. Bass sequence, flexible and fluid on a zigzagging piano Part of Time is agitating on nervous percussions and a synth with wriggling arpeggios wrapped with Vangelis chorus and layers. Short atmospheric moments break the pace, before diving again in disconcerting rhythmic on synths to symphonic arrangements. With its staggering sequence, which crosses another pealing one, The Hall of Visions brings us back a little more into the contradictory structures which are the heart of Reckzeh charm. A minimalism approach, wrapped of smoking and metallic layers which mould a passive lasciviousness as Software. Fine percussions activate this slow cosmic waltz anchoring even more the harmonies opposition of the The Hall of Visions. A soft felted sequence gets Elementary Voices out of its dark waves. Padded sequence on pealing one, the title surfaces in a soft minimalism spiral stuffed of fine sidewinder percussions and delicate feverish pulsations which are moulding to a mellotron synth with waltzing orchestrations. A beautiful cosmic ballade which we still find the spirit on Mirror of Infinity with a faster pace. After a nebulous intro, Silent Moves becomes slowly animated on a beautiful spiral sequence with soft clangour tinkling. A lyric approach that Reckzeh exploits with wonder on Part of Time. The movement progresses on a superb orchestration, slowing down the beat with heavy layers which bamboozle around a wavering cadence. A real tuneful track, well done well mixed and well orchestrated. The intro of Universal Avenue floats on a synth with spectral whistles where swelling layers mold a ghostly pace which moves slowly on castanets cymbals. A strange hooting ode that turns out into a soft techno and synth pop as New Order years. Without breaking the hut, the tempo remains captivating, all fixed it is in heavy nonchalant but hanging layers. A track loud but fascinating, with a heavy and throbbing tempo, just like on Watching Behind. Listen to the Whales evolves very slowly with an intro where the language of the whales is exploited on a fine sequence which is weighed down while progressing. Sirius encloses Part of Time with a military march a bit strange with its piano which zigzags on a complex harmonious structure. A superb piano whose keys resonance is moulding with wonder with the tribal percussions, making Sirius as exotic as astonishing. A beautiful lucky find as we will discover some others on this collection a little bit puzzling which certainly please the fans of Uwe Reckzeh.