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LIVE Spacefish 2010

The SPACE FISH concert


withAlpha Lyra & Olivier Briand


was on Saturday August 21st 2010

Actors today missed the French electronic scene, the two musicians
each offer a spectacular show with lasers and video creations. For
over 20 years, Olivier's has produced many concerts using lasers and
projected images.
This evening "Space Fish" involved a cosmic and aquatic music, soaring
and melodic, which invites You to an inner journey, a sort of waking
dream, the magic of electronic sound mastered. Sounds "cosmo-aquatic"
and chorus of synths dreamers will be at the rendezvous!

fotos by Olivier Briand and Christian Piednoir, France

mehr Fotos auf http://alpha-lyra.blogspot.com/




watch the Fotostream on