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moonbooter LIVE at E-Day 2017

April 29th 2017, Oirschot NL


Grosskopf + Baltes&Erbe + Battery Dead LIVE

Awakenings, June 24th 2017, Regely UK


wellenvorm, BatteryDead & moonbooter LIVE

Planetarium Münster November 25 2017



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Wellenfeld - Ten (NEU)


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file under: Berliner Schule, Ambient, ChillOut, Electronic Music, Instrumental

10 2015 | 66:22 minutes




Wellenfeld - Ten



P l a y l i s t


01 Reflections 05:38
02 Warm Saturate 10:04
03 Secret Island 07:37
04 Ring of Saturn Part 2 07:08
05 Lo-Fi System 07:45
06 Timecode 12:34
07 Vacuum 08:41
08 Nimbus 06:50



P l a y e r


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C o n t e n t


  “Ten” is the 10th album from Wellenfeld within 13 years. So the title is explained. In 2004 Andreas Braun & Detlef Dominiczak started making their own style of Electronic Music. Over the years the Wellenfeld-sound changed from dark electronic to symphonic opus, to some warm and relaxing beachmusic and finally back to the pure electronic style. Although the last 9 albums were different and evolving, You could ever identify that it was Wellenfeld.

The new album “Ten” was first planned for 2016 but the artists decided to take more time to implant a different and new feel. And it was worth. When I first listened to the album I thought: “Damned good”. Warm basses, intelligent arrangements, great new melodies and a very special mood. The sound was different from the past albums and they added a good portion of solo parts to the songs, which is something new for Wellenfeld. The songs on Ten are very varied and You can explore a lot of details within the sound. Some may say that Wellenfeld come of age. In my eyes they put more and more elements in one album together and they still work on finishing their own style. Everything else would be boring. So Ten sounds more focused and concentrated and definitely more of contemporary EM then ever.



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