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moonbooter LIVE at E-Day 2017

April 29th 2017, Oirschot NL


Grosskopf + Baltes&Erbe + Battery Dead LIVE

Awakenings, June 24th 2017, Regely UK


wellenvorm, BatteryDead & moonbooter LIVE

Planetarium Münster November 25 2017



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LIVE Mondsüchtig 2010

Mondsüchtig 2010


war am Freitag, 23. July 2010
Freilichtmuseum Hagen

The musicians of the Plantenmodell Concert get
together at one of the biggest sole open air museum
called "freilichtmuseum hagen" for a special live gig.


Harald Grosskopf & Udo Hanten
Sasa Tosic
the Redundant Rocker
Stefan Erbe



more information:
Planetenmodell Hagen

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