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Erez Yaary - Blind Vision


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Sylvain Lupari www.gutsofdarkness.com: Obviously the new German label, MellowJet Records continuous to align musical surprises that agreeably filled our ears. After Moonbooter and Exposed, Bernd Scholl invites us to discover keyboard player from Israel; Erez Yaary. A musician who rolled his music for more than 20 years, with very varied influences, going from melodious techno pop like Jean Michel Jarre, while forking on of Berlin School retro and the new kind. And its among those influences that he released his 10th opus in Blind Vision. An astonishing and very well structured cd, full of a sound fauna as dense as melodious where EY inserts additional sonorities, dubious percussions and a multitude of ambivalent structures which permutes and modifies constantly the rhythms.

The musical adventure begins with Analog and Digital, because each titles on Blind Vision are intermingle without really to have causes for purposes. Analog opens the valves with whirling sequences, undisciplined turns, and coat of a synth forged of ethereal choirs. A short atmospheric prank, before a robotic pulsation crosses these sequences which pile up in hatched serpentine, plunging Analog in an old-fashioned techno with Pop Corn odours. A flexible techno, not aggressive, which roll on beautiful undulating sequences, with syncopate sudden starts, and a synth rich in wrapping layers and melodious solos which counterbalance the straightness of the beat. A beat which folds under the weight of its stroboscopic curves, to die out submissively in the misty hazes that start Digital and his introduction to jolty furrows and frivolous pulsations which glean on an ambient structure to composite sonorities. The universe is as strange as the stammerings of the insects which flirting there and the disordered beats which let plane a latent eruption. Wavering waves and deviating layers, the world of Digital feels like a worrying parallelism until it explodes around the 6th minute, with soft hammering sequences like the ones on Namlook/Schulze on TDSOTM. The tempo becomes girdled on hypnotic strikes and percussions to syncopated echoes which are moulded within a more harmonious structure.

Crystal opens with a beautiful melodious sequence recalling Mark Shreeve on Legion. A hypnotic movement which is dandleling on a romantic synth tinted by wrapping orchestral arrangements. The tempo becomes heavier and mysterious, a little like these old English foggy roads with sequences ambushes. A good track build on structures in constant evolutions and always melodious. Timing is very caricatural with a disconcerting atmospheric approach to clock noises and Tic Tac in a ghostly environment.

It is on the strange last whispers of Timing that Blind Vision begins. Undulating sequences and flickering cymbals wander on a vague rhythm, subdivided by the dark atmospheres which grind all around. A long Berlin School with subdivisions as well atonics as rhythmic on jolty and feverish sequences, a wrapping synth and beautiful sound effects. Berlin School which continues its search on Hybrid and on the intro of Lucid Dream, which concludes Blind Vision with the same musical inspiration that allured from the opening. Beautiful and melodious EM on twisting sequences which undulate in a slightly rhythmic ambiance and this so rich sound fauna that is the key of Blind Vision.

Erez Yaarys Blind Vision is a fine album that will please fans of sounds. Ambiguous EM structures that sometimes swim in a Jarrean facility, but very often plunges straight in the heart of an untameable fauna to ambivalent structures for a greater pleasure of the senses. A beautiful lucky find from this German label; MellowJet Records.
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