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Exposed - DiveMaster 08


1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen

Dave Law, April 2008 www.synthmusicdirect.com: Reverberating tones then strange sampled vocals provide quite a spooky start to 'Anticipation'. An excellent sequence momentarily materialises then fades away. A new quite robust sequence takes over then a two note melodic motif hangs in the air before echoing into the distance. An exquisite lead line shines above the rhythms and pulsations like sunlight refracted through a crystal. What a lovely start. An incredibly rapid sequence gets 'Journey' underway. Unbelievably an even faster one falls into formation with the first. A devastating rhythm then adds to the wonderful mayhem. 'Encounter' calms things down a little as little water droplet type notes gently drip from the speakers. A steady rhythm and soft pads take things forward then a lovely lead line sooths the senses still further. A second lead adds extra bite as its laser sharp melody flashes forth. Rapid sequences return for 'Strength' as yet another searing lead line solos above the pulsations. There is something of a Michael Garrison feel to proceedings. Subtle it ain't but excellent nevertheless. 'Child' has a suitably bright and playful melody which is complimented well by a steady rhythm and contrasting, almost melancholy lead line. A really lovely track. 'Setback' actually isn't too dissimilar in mood to the previous number but this time lead duties are provided by virtual guitar and very effective it is too. Sequences are cranked up a further gear on 'Descent', spewing way too many pulsations to count. The lead lines are in marked contrast however being slow and thoughtful, some excellent sounds being chosen. 'Life' is initially completely devoid of structure, just soft pads floating into the distance but eventually a slow cool relaxed rhythm enters along with an equally as blissed out meandering lead. Just chill out. 'Joy'returns us to helter-skelter sequencing and flashing leads. It is well titled, as it was so full of energy and happiness. There was even a little Jarre in there I think. Gregorian Chants get 'Change' underway and as they depart the inevitable sequence takes centre stage. The gothic feeling is emphasised by organ then female wordless vocal pads. What a wonderful piece. Not for the first time I thought of some of Ian Boddy's earlier pre DiN works. 'Equal' is another real belter, notes coming thick and fast. 'Rise' is completely different as an excellent acoustic guitar melody soars above gentle melodic synth backing. What a wonderfully gorgeous track and a welcome contrast to the rest of the album. 'Aspiration' returns us to bubbling sequences but the stunning quality of the melodies is, if anything, even better than on the previous number - Ultravox or OMD without the vocals maybe! Whatever the comparison, it is quite exceptional. 'Riot' is as playful as 'Child'- but faster in the sequence department- and those lead lines- anthemic or what! Bet it would be brilliant live. 'Return' is very different, certainly the moodiest track on the album. The pace quickens at around the half way mark but there is still a feeling of restraint found on very few others tracks here. Maybe it's the artist's way of proving to us that he can also turn his hand to subtle.
If exciting melodic sequencer driven music is your thing then you really must try this out. All the tracks are in three to six minute range and tightly composed. It is an ideal demonstration of how sequences can be used outside the Berlin School setting but still pack quite a punch. Exposed is a new name to me and one of my own personal favourite discoveries this year.
Datum hinzugefügt: 10.01.2012 von global reviews