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moonbooter - Under Control


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Sylvain Lupari Guts Of Darkness www.gutsofdarkness.com: [EM can be more than a sequence music bordering the progressive are, as this last Moonbooter opus. On Under Control, Bernd Scholl deepened even more its musical style. A style that orientates more and more on progressive techno, with a zest of moderately syncopated tranceon an always harmonious approach , bordering the Jarre and Vangelis style. Pushing its musical reflexions further, Bernd Scholl adorns its 13 new compositions with high syncretic sound elements, which are in euphonies with all those melodious structures. Among that, he inserts corrosive orchestral arrangements, of which the multiplicity of the synths layers add a dimension extremely coloured to this very articulated sound fauna.
Not Real opens the dance with a vaporous intro where vocal samplings pour in the futuristic mood. Soft arpeggios scintillate in a static environment, before a fine hatch movement shows his beat. The movement is slow and turns sensuously on good orchestral manoeuvres which are the high point of this new Moonbooter opus. Beyond voices and mellotron synths, the German synthesist makes its synth speaks, like a guitarist does it with a talk box. A creative and soft title, like Said Goodbye, Last Contact (AM) which is a pure Vangelis jewel style and Cold Sun. In fact Not Real is a soft prelude to an explosive album, where the rhythms twist on stroboscopic sequencers of a strong intensity.
The opening of Arped Obsession is brilliant with its arpeggios serpentine that runs towards a dark and throbbing atmosphere. Synths are metallic and mould symphonic voices on sequences which return zigzagged on a musical axis more syncopate. The pulsations become heavy and knock with gravity in an effervescent sound universe where each recess conceals its sound effects. A track that flirt with extreme trance, especially with its rumble tribal percussions.
And thus Under Control goes. If String Theory, Progression, Gaples Time and 3 Months & 3 Weeks alternate between dark atmospheres of a more floating music and wild rhythms, Silence of the Night, Mellowman, End Splice Anthem and EM Da Phunk are on the other hand more corrosive and provocative, with some heavy and syncopated sequences with zombie tribal effects. Under Control is an opus of great sound diversities, which we listen with intensity not to lose an ion of this sound disproportion. To recommend with a good headphone, in order to reach its musical bounders.
Datum hinzugefügt: 06.01.2012 von global reviews