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moonbooter - Devided


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www.gutsofdarkness.com: [Devided, because Moonbooter is divided. Him who likes the traditional Electronic Music, as much as `' House'' or `' Trance styles, tries to mix all three styles on the same opus. Even better, in each track. Giving to Devided a very dynamic sound texture where furious rhythms crossed more atmospheric passages. Nearly 75 minutes of music where Bernd Scholl diversifies his harmonies and sound effects on rhythms which cross techno, but a moderate techno, with the hypnotic sequences of Berlin School. Live In Peace starts Moonbooters second opus with rhythm and harmony. Behind the circular sequence, a beautiful mellotron synth fuses soft choruses which look curiously like the melodious world of Robert Fox on Underworld. An excellent opening, with rich sound colors. Order 77 and SFO The Beginning are other superb melodies with great harmonious arrangements that we will pick along this powerful rhythmic opus. With Analogyx, we enter into the more animated spheres of Devided. Dynamics and nervous, the synth whirl on juicy percussions which pulsate with intensity. The rhythm breaks and floats on an atmospheric interlude where the instruments seem to take their breathe. We will find these briefs moment, with smooth vaporous atmospheres and heteroclite sound effects, on most of the tracks on Devided. Moonbooter likes to toy with his rhythms and create atmospheres. Analogyx takes again its race on furious percussions, with Prodigy touch, and a bass mouldy line. Even if its a bit more techno, Core is build on a same musical pattern. The beat is on, nervous and felted as the intriguing and sensual Power and My Unknown Voice, witch has a progressive dance style approach. Nelectrance continues this musical push towards more unbridled and techno rhythms. Percussions strike on a heavy beat and a hypnotic bass line. Something between Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre, just like Free From Dawn, another buster. Softer, and much melodious, Another Rainy Day has a flowing tempo, a little in a lounge mood style, like Power and its more spellbinding beat. I Can starts with strange vocals effects and move on a round and well balance bass line with lively percussions that amalgamate a beautiful synth. Tie together, we have the feeling that both throw melodic bits, here and there. Great percussions move on this powerful track. Among the fifteen tracks, Complexity is my favourite. On rotary sound effects, keys pulsate and move in echo on a line where string instruments rock the unknown. The percussions and the rhythm are slow, heavy. Subtly, the movement changes and takes a more orchestral moulding and blows a superb melody. Dark Wave is another jewel. On a strong beat, percussions bang and keys lost within an enveloping synth. Another line breathes a dynamic movement and the track explodes with unusual energy and fall on a melodious line which hooks instantaneously. Definitely, the more we approach the end, the more the jewels accumulate. The Truth is simply a superb melody which opens with a synthetic wind and keys falling with a nostalgic glare. A soft rhythm, as silky as its felted percussions, borer this intro with guitars keys and a soft Eastern wind flute. An excellent title which shows the skill of Moonbooter at producing string quartet and orchestral arrangements. Das Leben encloses Moonbooter second opus on a powerful whirling rhythm, swarming with unchained percussions. If Moonbooter mandate itself to join the random atmospheres of Berlin School to the wild rhythms and pulsations of a dance floor,
we can say; accomplished mission. Devided is a 75 minutes of intense music where percussions play catalyst part on arrangements and harmonious movements. Because on Devided, the percussions make the law. They are the rhythms, the power and the depth of stuffed cd of 15 titles with hanging harmonies. Sylvain Lupari Guts Of Darkness www.gutsofdarkness.com]
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