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moonbooter - Lunatic Voyage


1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen

Sylvain Lupari Guts Of Darkness www.gutsofdarkness.com: ...Lunatic Voyage is Bernd Scholl last space fantasy. A powerful cosmic trip which ravels as a gigantic sound maelstrom on rhythms constantly restrained by synths to arrangements of an effervescent and harmonious opacity. A 74 minutes opus, divided into 13 musical acts as impetuous as melodious on rhythms much more overwhelming as tempting. Intelligent techno with a small zest of Berlin School new kind. So hold your horses pretty tight cause with Moonbooter music is always technoïng.

Against Agitation speaks by itself. Short howling striates are getting lost in moving waves and dark choirs to moulding wanderings. A loud music which slowly turns in a lunatic cosmic turbulence.As everywhere on Bernd Scholls 5th opus, this is bubbling rhythm trapped in a cosmic cyclone. Moonbooter is stuffing our ears with arpeggios that swarm in staccato in a weighty sonorous statism where guitars chords intersect fluty layers synth in a techno mood on the edge of exploding. But there is no explosion. Against Agitation (Origin) turns on itself before melting on its 2nd part (Revelation) which bursts the restraining rhythm of Origin, including the entire sound flora that reigned over it, on a feverish and unbridled sequence that dances on a melodious keyboard with circular arpeggios such as Moonbooter us accustomed us over the years. And thus goes Lunatic Voyage.

And thus will be held Lunatic Voyage. Capricious rhythms animated by impetuous and syncopated sequences (Selene On The Dark Side Of The Moon, Intermezzo, Infect Me and Somewhere Between Moon And Earth) which are excited by brilliant percussions with delirious sound effects (Intermezzo, Lunar Eclipse and Sequenzer 9). Heavy tempo wrapped of synths with unctuous layers, melodious, waltzing and sometimes hypnotic (Lunar Eclipses), powdered with choirs and fluty mellotrons, pointing out certain periods of TD (Between the Sentiments and Reflected Glory). Pace is languorously chaotic, captive of the turbulence static of the cosmic spheres. With through this ambiguous rhythm, there is room for superb cosmic melodies like Senseless Visions, the superb and weighty Between the Sentiments (the best track so far in Moonbooter repertory) and Awaken by Moonrise, which are tinted of a beautiful nostalgia, showing the loneliness of this voyage to lunatic evolutions.

Lunatic Voyage is a musical fresco where the rhythm remains ambiguous. A opus which is the reflection of an album finely worked having a sound charisma as we seldom hears some. To me it surely Bernd Scholl best opus to date. A powerful album. A musical history in 13 melodious titles, animated of a rhythmic complexity out of the ordinary.
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