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E=MC7 Compilation by MellowJet-Records


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    Model: cdr-mj1401 | Shipping Weight: 1pcs. | Manufactured by: MellowJet-Records

file under: several genres and styles  | 2014 | edited November 2018



MellowJet EMC7



 C o n t e n t
 Mit der Electronic Music Compilation -Reihe bietet MellowJet-Records allen Kunden die Möglichkeit eine besondere Auswahl an Songs unserer aktuellen Veröffentlichungen auf einer Album-Compilation zu bestellen. Der Download der jeweils aktuellen Ausgabe ist kostenlos.

Wer sich einen Überblick über die Vielfalt unserer Musikprodukte verschaffen will, dem kann ich unsere "Electronic Music Compilation" sehr empfehlen

 With our Electronic Music Compilation -series MellowJet-Records offers all customers and fans an unique collection of songs of our latest releases. You can download them as MP3-Download with Cover. The download of the actual EMC-version is free.

You like to get an overview of all faces of our music, simply take a look at these compilations.


P l a y l i s t

01 WellenVorm- Sequenzerliebe
taken from the album  Toene des Nebels | 5:34

02 moonbooter - Spirit of Time
taken from the album  Cosmoromantics | 7:20

03 Faber - Happy in Berlin
taken from the album Stories | 5:14

04 Andreas Hack - Abandoned
taken from the album  Pieces | 6:50

05 Otarion - Beauty Lights
Taken from the album  Genius | 4:21

06 moonbooter - Automode
taken from the album  Still Alive | 7:13

07 Steve Baltes - Bochum Sky 1 (short Mix)
taken from the album Bochum Sky | 8:08

08 Faber - Berlin 1984
taken from the album  Ways | 6:22

09 Wellenfeld - Nova
taken from the album  Cosmic Waves | 8:46

10 MaEasy - Lion Space Cage
taken from the album  Ueberfunk | 4:02

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