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Alpha Lyra - Music for the Stars 2


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    Model: cdr-al1001 | Shipping Weight: 1pcs. | Manufactured by: MellowJet-Records

file under: Berliner Schule, Chillout, Electronic Music, Instrumental, NewAge, Soundtrack, SpaceMusic

6/2010 | 55:33 minutes


P l a y l i s t
1 - Cosmic waves  10:15
2 - Milky way  7:56
3 - From Myzar to Alcor  12:14
4 - Departure to Sirius  8:14
5 - The Barnard's star  9:58
6 - La Superba  12:54
7 - Cygnus X   8:50

P l a y e r



All title are composed and produced by Christian Piednoir at Studio du Roc - Saint Julien de Crempse - Dordogne – France

Special thanks to Olivier Bégué and Michel Le Stum, my friends of the french association Cosmic Cagibi, Bertrand Loreau 
and Olivier Briand from the french electronic musicians association Patch Work Music

Many thanks to Bernd Scholl, who welcomes me into the MellowJet’s family. And a great thank you to Klaus Schulze and 
Bernd Kistenmacher, Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Philip Glass and Steve Reich, who delight my ears for so many years !



C o n t e n t

"Music for the Stars II" is the continuation of the project Alpha Lyra, started in 2005. The seven new titles are once again inspired by the cosmos and some stars that have struck my imagination, because of their specificity, or their name.

Myzar and Alcor are beautiful double stars of the constellation Ursa Major.

Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris) is the brightest star in the sky. It takes about eight years for its light to reach us.

The Barnard'star is the star that has the largest proper motion. Located at a distance of 6 light-years, it is the fifth closest star to Earth after the Sun and the triple star Alpha Centauri.

La Superba is a star barely visible to the naked eye in the constellation of Canum Venaticorum. Its brightness varies over a period of 160 days. This is one of the reddest stars in the night sky.

Cygnus X-1 is located in the constellation Cygnus, at 8000 light years from our solar system. Its characteristic is to be in orbit around a black hole X-ray emitting.

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