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moonbooter - Cosmophonica (5.1 Surround DVD)


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    Model: dvdr-mb1202 | Shipping Weight: 2pcs. | Manufactured by: MellowJet-Records


file under: Surround, Electronic Music, Electronica, House, Instrumental, IDM, Soundtrack, SpaceMusic, Techno, Trance, Vocal

9/2012 | 75:33 minutes  | PAL


Diese Video-DVD enthält die Musik des Albums "Cosmophonica" in Dolby-Surround (AC3) und DolbyDigital (DTS)
Surround Sound. Anstelle von bewegten Videos, wird die Musik durch wechselnde Standbilder optisch
untermalt. Die Titel, sowie die Auswahl der Tonspuren, können wie gewohnt über das DVD-Menü gesteuert
werden. Zusätzlich finden Sie im Datenteil der DVD die originalen (!!) Surroundspuren im .DTS und .AC3-Format.


This Video-DVD contains the music from the album "Cosmophonica" in Dolby-Surround (AC3) and DolbyDigital (DTS)
Surround Sound. Instead of movies, the music is highlighted by changing pictures. Titels and audiotracks
can be selected, as usual, in the DVD-menu. Additionally the original (!!) surroundtracks in .AC3 and .DTS-formats
are available in DVD datamode.



 moonbooter - COSMOPHONICA 


On September 15th 2012 "COSMOPHONICA" was presented live at the concert at

Zeiss Planetarium in Bochum, Germany.  >>> more information



 T R A C K L I S T


01 Introducing... 02:05
02 Epic Moments 05:01
03 Cosmophonica 10:29
04 Last Exit Eternity 06:39
05 Like Angels 04:19
06 Interstellar Sunset 06:49
07 Good bye Elements 05:57
08 Nothing is Infinite 03:54
09 Desire is irrelevat 06:09
10 Struggle beyond Afterlife 03:22
11 I believe in BIG RIP 04:21
12 Flying on the Wings of Eternity 03:38
13 Multiverse 05:18
14 Death of the last Star 07:33

P l a y e r



STORY: The story of COSMOPHONICA is dealing with the time in billions of years, when there will be no more lightning stars in our universe and anything became a dark and boring cold place. Long time before, black holes fed of the last material around and galaxys are drifting aimlessly away in the unending cavity of space. What will happen at that time of dark solitude? Will anything end in a big rip or big crunch? Or will anything be merged into something new? What will happen to our immortal souls? Will scientists fathom that miracle of our being one time? Many questions, but there are no answer. All we can do is to live our precious time on earth as good as we can. COSMOPHONICA is an intelligent but highly entertaining electronic opus depending to this dark future scenario. Hope, loneliness, euphoria, reflectivness, longing and fun are emotions to describe the music on this conceptalbum. Listen carefully to it and find Your own emotions, enjoying this very special trip to the last days of our future

GEAR: The following instruments were used to produce this record: Access Virus TI, Korg M3, Dave Smith Tetra, Waldorf Blofeld, Dopfer Dark Energy and Darktime, Moog Slim Phatty, Yamaha Motif 7, Arturia Spark, Casio SK-1, Roland V-Synth GT, Roland MC 505, Korg Monotron, Spectrasonics Trillian StylusRMX Omnisphere, Heaviocity Damage and Evolve, Korg iElectribe, Quantum Leap Storm Drum 2, Yamaha TNR-i, Bestservice Synthwerk Titan and Galaxy X, NI Razor Massive FM8 Absynth4 Reaktor, Kontakt 5, Dune, Korg iMS20, RP Albino3 Blue Predator SubBoomBass, MorphWiz, Synergy The Elements  A.I.R. Phaedra, Cakewalk Rapture Dimension Pro Z3TA 2, Arturia V-Collection, Synplant, Sample Tron, Waldorf Largo, CamelAudio Alchemy


CREDITS: I like to say thanks to Michaela and Bennett... You are my ony universe ! .... to Sylvia Sommerfeld from schallwende e.V. for giving me the incentive to produce this record ... to the crew of the Zeiss Planetarium Bochum for invitation and of course I like to thank all my fans for motivating me and the always kind feedback over the years. God bless You all.

Please listen to this album at higher volume.  This album is also available on Audio-CDR 

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