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Bernd Kistenmacher - Antimatter (eingestellt)


1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen

Bert Strolenberg, February 2012: It was great to see Berliner-based composer Bernd Kistenmacher re-emerge in the electronic music scene a couple of years back with "Celestial Movements", followed by "Beyond the Deep".
With "Antimatter", Bernd adds the final chapter to his "Trilogy of the Universe", which features typical Kistenmacher-music but now with an emphasis on the contemporary classical and emotive style along symphonic hints.

The twelve tracks form an uninterrupted 73-minute sonic journey thats both inviting and challenging. At several passages, the smoothly evolving music takes on a cinematic approach while it beautifully paints the wonders and splendour of the universe surrounding our pale blue globe. On "They call it Soup!", things gently accelerate into a higher gear while Bernd shortly executes some soft soaring synth solos in his old and €˜70s KS style. Even a sense op euphory and awe emerges on my personal favorite "On the Shoulders of ATLAS".

Overall, "Antimatter" sounds mellow, moody and inspired, adding another dimension to grand and sophisticated planetarium music.
Nice going, Bernd!
Datum hinzugefügt: 03.02.2012 von global reviews