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Bernd Kistenmacher - Let it Out ! + Compressed Fluid (eingest.)


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May 2011 Sylvain Lupari: [... There are no doubts in my head, Let it Out! will be a piece of anthology in contemporary EM. We attend at a real tour de force where Kistenmacher is a real musical whirlwind. Throughout this heavy sequential and symphonic maelstrom, Bernd Kistenmacher maintains a fascinating melodious approach which is the soul of this long hypnotic musical piece where every stage brings its melodious freshness and the poetry so unique to the musical universe of the German synthesist. It is a pure masterpiece which is available in downloadable format on MellowJet site. I think its useless to specify that it is a must have. As far as Im concerned its the best EM album in 2011 so far.] also in french language: http://www.gutsofdarkness.com/god/objet.php?objet=14394
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