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Rene Splinter - Transit Realities


1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen

Kristian Persson / Sweden: Rene Splinter is perhaps not that big/known in the EM 'scene'. Not that many actually knows about this guy and his music. But he has released a couple of Berlin School 80's gems already, and this is his 3rd and latest CD, and it's a cracking good one!
A few of the tracks on this CD has already seen the light of day on his previous CD 'Dreaming Angels', but they weren't in their full length, the way they were supposed to be heard. A couple of examples are 'Bahnhof Zoo' and 'The Big Star' in which are not only in their full length here, but they also sound quite different to the verisons found on the CD 'Dreaming Angels'. Anyway....on with the review. 'Denali' opens up in a highly infectious, cinematic and melodic way with drums and piano, but later a subtle sequence emerge in the mix and builds the track in great harmony. A nice opener, but too short.
Next is 'Kenai'. This track follows up the 1st with some awe inspiring and highly melodic structure. It evolves and builds in a lush way with a soft piano and a laid back soft synth lead line, in which creates yet another stunning cinematic track. Too short, but really awesome!
'Alantna River' continues with a heavy, almost bouncy rhythm and a long subtle sequence is building slowly in the background as the track progress through. This is one of the most versatile tracks on the CD and also the longest, and it has everything typical 80's EM is bound to have. Awesome melody, flawless structure and melodic sequencing that literarily cries out with it's infectious sound. In other words, lots of sequencing and melody on this one!
'Berling Glacier' takes us further into the depths of 80's sequencing. This track is featured on 'Dreaming Angels', but under another name, and not as long. It's a bit darker than the other tracks (if I might say), but has some stunning subtle sequencing floating and pulsating in the background, which is also the driving force in this track. The sequencing is followed by a rhythmic beat which is breathing along the lines of the synths. Top notch 80's style EM!
'Snowmobile Race' is following up the previous track with a new solid and Original sounding structure, and showcases lots of great melodic sequencing yet again with some great hooks that simply has to be heard!. Great melody and hooks on this one!. Almost a bit Soundtrack like at times.
'Fairbanks' is a more mellow story. Sounding very much like a typical End Title track from a Film. Short but quite good. It has it's moments with some laid back synth work and a bit of a cinematic touch to it.
The second part of the CD is called 'Metropolitan' and is somewhat of another chapter. Let's see.
The title track 'Transit Line' punches off with fast paced synth work that really strikes us with it's heavy sequencing. This one builds with lush melody that really is a "in your face" experience. Fans of Arcane will love what this track has to offer. Infectious EM at it's best I'd say!
'Bahnhof Zoo' continues were 'Transit Line' left off, and is slowing down a bit just to surprise you with some tingling sequencing that emerge quietly and subtle in the background. But after a few seconds, both the melody and ambience is taking part again. This track could easily be seen as a "lost" TD track, and would fit perfectly in one of those mid 80's TD Soundtracks.
'Palast' slows the pace down quite a bit. It reminds me of a track in the Firestarter Soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. A subtle, dark and moody lead synth comes to live very slowly as the sequencing progresses through with that typical but yet awesome 80's sequencing sound. Spellbinding melody!
'The Big Star' is yet another track to be found on 'Dreaming Angels', only this time it has lots of more variety added to it. This one starts out with a long moody sequence, which soon meets up with a a distinctive flute sound, and before you know it, the sequencing captures you again with it's infectious 80's style sound that simply doesn't get much better than this!. Sounding very much like a typical Intro to a film from the 80's. It has everything. Top notch sequencing, melody, hooks, structure, rhythm and infectiousness. You name it. A darn good track for lovers of 80's Tangerine Dream!

So, the verdict is. If you, just like me, love the early to mid 80's period by Tangerine Dream (ca 82-85), then this is for you. It doesn't get much better than this. I would even go as far and say this is a Masterpiece of it's own! 5 start out of 5 from me! Brilliant!] 2010.
Datum hinzugefügt: 10.01.2012 von global reviews