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Exposed - DiveMaster 08


1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen

Sylvain Lupari Guts Of Darkness www.gutsofdarkness.com: Divemaster 08 is emblematic to new German label MellowJet Records; dynamic EM, free of all constraint which embraces a timeless diversity without musical borders. If Inside and Outside the Cube were compilations of new titles, this new opus of Exposed (K.H.Reiers) is a remix of a 1st release (Divemaster) with 6 new titles and 30 minute an additional music. An opus of a great diversity, which is undoubtedly the reflection of a multitude of influences on Exposed musical approach.

Anticipation opens this last creation of K.H.Reiers with a variegated atmospheric approach. Beautiful vocal samplings, to galactic sirens exhalations, on a crystalline sequence which clear in a misty cosmos before choosing a delicate, light and hooking tempo. A very TD approach of the 80s. Journey is more aggressive with bubbling and nervous sequences on circular, heavy rhythm which grows on multiple synth solos. More delicate, with fine hopping sequences, Encounter rolls on a sensual beat with a nostalgic keyboard which recalls those 70s French nostalgic soundboard. A beautiful melancholic track with great synth works. With its twisted rhythm on fine cymbals and its synth that hem on an exploratory structure, Strenght evolves in the very analog spheres of the retro years.

Child is another pearl on Divemaster 08. Zigzagging sequences, with xylophonic sonority, on a fluid and hesitant movement, Child is a catchy track with its sweet staggering sequences and its melodious synth with beautiful lyric refrains. After Setback which is moulding in harmony with Child, Descent offers an undulating and fast sequential structure on a spiral beat, like a descent in a cosmic hole. Life proposes a galactic jazzy lounge ambiance. A title between the aromas of Blade Runner and the style club of Namlook, with a beautiful sensual bass line and a romantic keyboard.

All in contrasts Joy swarms on heavy and nevrotic sequences, worthy of Jarre on Magnetic Fields, whereas Change proposes us a dark title on a big ghostly organ and choruses that smells like Jim Kirkwood. With its panting rhythm, stiff of synthesized interludes, Equal is a carbon of the contrasting works of Baffo Banfi, whereas Rise soaks in a romantic ambiance, as TDs Legend, but with a more acoustic approach. A superb title which is worth its 6 minutes. Continuing its introspection of the analog musical currents, Aspiration proposes a title with the harmonies that points out Space Art and the first sequence analog movements, as well on Riot and Return which concludes on a soft Jarre atmospheric approach.

Divemaster 08 is a pure musical entertainment for fans of sequence and analog EM. A surprisingly varied album which completes with wonder Exposeds Inside and Outside the Cube.
Datum hinzugefügt: 10.01.2012 von global reviews