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Exposed - outside the cube


1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen

Sylvain Lupari www.gutsofdarkness.com: Melodious intro with neurotic chords, Outside opens this 2nd collection of Exposed music on a lighter note, a ballade which scintillates on fine bass lines. Raindance is rather contrasting with its more contemporary sonority. The rhythm is light and remains within the limits of a sober EM. It is in suspended spiral that Maare Imbrium opens. Sonority is limpid and its hypnotic movement oscillates in the harmonious limbs of Software. A beautiful floating title which is followed by the heavy The Eagles Flight, where the sequence bass is corrosive on a hyper vaporous synthesized structure. The ambiance is delicious, because we float on a metallized heaviness which refuses to take off.
Outside The Cube is detaching with a more avant-gardism music. More daring and impetuous, like astonishing Stardust which revolves in a universe of electronic gravity, intoxicate of eclectic sound elements, as we use to feel on the beautiful time of Mergener-Weisser. Moreover the print of Software emerges even more on pieces like Between the Lights and Mothertrack 2, the first one being heavily delicious. Whereas titles like Behind the Other Side, Silent Imagination and Simple Track show lightness posted on Inside The Cube, with a more galloping and bass sequences in addition.
After a Native which has a hypno Kraftwerk tempo, Dead of Star encloses with the longest title of the first 2 works of K.H.Reirs. Wind, in an interstellar desert, crossed of a line soft and scintillating which undulates with charm. Very atmospheric, a soft keyboard comes to aromatize this lifelessness of a lullaby for dreamer, for those who sleep whitin stars. As far as Im concern, Outside The Cube shows more the creative talent of Exposed than Inside The Cube. K.H.Reirs succeed its daring bet by offering 14 musical tracks which are blending easily, without resembling necessarily too much. An important nuance which gives the impression to approach different musical structures on a rather corrosive bass lines. Thus, iots a good cd, with more originality and which will please the fans of Software, Mergener-Weisser and undoubtedly Jean Michel Jarre.
Datum hinzugefügt: 10.01.2012 von global reviews