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Exposed - inside the cube


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Sylvain Lupari www.gutsofdarkness.com: Living in the Past, for a title that looks very Jarrian, which touch lightly the electronic magic of the superb Thierry Fervants Universe, while passing by the fluids melodies of Michael Garrison as well as the gothic stridencies of the analog era. To any EM fans of this last analog school of mid 70s and early 80s, K.H.Reirs worths amply that we consider his 2 new first opuses, out of the new German label MellowJet Records.
Each of them is a compilation of 14 tracks, written during the last years and which reflect the taste of the German synthesist for a libertine music with fluid sequences on steady rhythms, though we might find few atmospheric moments.
Living in the Past opens on a series of undulating arpeggios, which float on a misty harmony of weak cosmic choruses. The melody contracts on a nervous sequencer, with bass and semi heavy lines. A hooky title that oscillates on beautiful sequences and atmospheric spaces with a constant tempo. The play of keyboard and the arpeggios that flow of it are both dreamy and melancholic and sound so much like Vangelis. Dreamzone offers a rhythm as we find on Jarres Magnetic Fields. The nuances are sober on a whistling synth. A beautiful cadence melody, with a Vangelis piano touch, on a Jarre musical structure. After Stargazer with its dynamic hypno tempo, we enter in the soft melody room of Exposed with very the suave The Dark Zone which presents a universe of greyness. Orbital Running is crossing the soft rhythm and the soft melody, just like The Cube, which deviates on a more corrosive tempo. With its chords circling of intensity and its screeching synth, Nexos shows the influence of regretted Michael Garrison on the music of Exposed. A beautiful track with sound glares disperse in a flexible synthesized universe.
Exposed does not offer anything really new on this first work. Its structures of compositions are very similar each other and show its very analog influences, as on Altair-Gamma, Deep Space and the very beautiful Nightflyer. Mothership and Circle are alone on this opus with more complex presentations which combine atmospheric ambiances with overlapping sequences, testifying to a thorough research. Exposeds Inside The Cube is a good opus of EM. Far from a scouring originality, K.H.Reirs seems wanting to present its influences, while being restrict in a plagiarist mould which has the merit to be interesting. Thus an album without claim, which we listen to extremely well and which is also a good introduction to the very good Outside The Cube.
Datum hinzugefügt: 10.01.2012 von global reviews