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Wellenfeld - Sunshine


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Dave Law, www.synthmusicdirect.com: This is an excellent album throughout but they certainly kick off with the best piece on the CD with 'New York'. It is a beautiful gently rhythmic and wonderfully melodic number with 'trance' leanings that seep into the consciousness. There's a warmth and even rather sensuous quality to it all. It's so good in fact that they even finish the album with a radio cut of it! A hard act to follow for sure but the rest of the tracks really aren't that far behind. The same laid back 'trance' feel permeates the whole album, catchy loops hitting the spot perfectly with shimmering little melodies floating over the top. My feet were gently moving to the subtle rhythms throughout the music and it was hard to keep my hands still long enough to type, as they wanted to alternate between dreamy air keyboard and tapping out the subtle rhythms on the desk. It is true that this is mainly a rhythm-based album but sequences are used from time to time, either in a supporting role or occasionally carrying the melody. Even though things never get too bombastic many of the tracks have a sort of swelling grandeur to them. This is a thoroughly uplifting and fun listening experience with not one moody or dark moment to be found so even though I don't particularly like the rather 'twee' title the album certainly does shine when compared to most other Electronic Music CDs out there.
Datum hinzugefügt: 10.01.2012 von global reviews