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Wellenfeld - Trip to Illusion


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Sylvain Lupari: Wellenfeld is a German duet who creates EM since 2003. As indicated on their website, Detef Dominiczak and Andreas Braun have no intentions to reinvent the wheel, but bring their poetic and melodious touch to EM universe.
Trip to Illusion is their 3rd opus. If Cosmic Waves had astonished a new public with vigorous and harmonious compositions, the 2nd opus, Fusion, left these new fans perplexed with a quieter atmosphere. Trip to Illusion depicts the maturity acquired by the duet since. A harmonious album, with superb arrangements and surprises on each title, giving a specific identity to all of them, always respecting the melodious approach which had allured the fans on Cosmic Waves.
A little like a symphonic progressive rock, Ring of Saturn opens on pompous and majestic synths. The rhythm is woven tight on one melodious synth, with a symphonic touch, where beautiful percussions crack, supporting a fluid tempo which increases in intensity on beautiful enveloping orchestral arrangements layers. Borderline to a Jarre sequencing line, the movement evolves on a beautiful synthetic refrain which sticks instantaneously to the ear. Ring of Saturn depicts extremely well Wellenfeld sonority. A very harmonious music with synths which multiplies the melodious lines, with orchestral arrangements sometimes enveloping, other times tearing, in order to create the maximum of emotion. And that works pretty well, because without really exploiting progressive topics with various musical directions or steps, Wellenfeld offers a pleasant synthetic music with light rhythms and convincing harmony. Moon 19 starts with a remote drone which initiates a tuneful movement on fluid percussions and a beautiful soft tempo. Beaded notes furrow this melody where another harmonious line is juxtaposed with the one already there, on beautiful orchestral layers. Black Hole hooksinstantaneously the attention with its spiral tempo which circulates in rotation on dense synthetic coats. A bass groovy line takes the lead and solidifies a slow, sensual rhythm, coated with synthetic effects which whirl briskly. Keyboards keys which come and go in growths and decreases are completely brilliant. And that represents one of the strong points of Wellenfeld; capacity to create unexpected musical turns. Thus giving to each title, its particular character. Ocean Air would have been banal without it's would be synth circular which wraps and moves the track with emotion. A quiet title with against direction on the percussions play, giving a dubious direction to a beautiful melody. With Spaceroom 21, we penetrate in the atmospheric wakes of Wellenfeld, showing that the German duet controls the ambient as much as New Berlin School beat structure. Voyager is a beautiful light piece of music. Harmonious, keys fly and tinkle in a universe striated by layers with violin synth chords. Helium is more hammering. A heavy tempo on good pulsations as of the clear keys which resound within the four corners of a multi-coloured universe of orchestral synth. More languorous, Starsurf scintillates on a heavy shower of voluptuous keys which fly with idleness in a melodious firmament. Sober and harmonious rhythm which is enriched by small keys and arrangements here and there, which create a unique atmosphere, specific to each title of Wellenfeld.
Trip to Illusion is one of the most beautiful harmonious CD to appear this year. A pleasant surprised which is listened attentively, so much arrangements unforeseeable and are well inserted. Good compositions which should please this new generation of EM. The one that TD bring with shorter and melodious compositions, in a New Berlin School style but this one his bordering an almost fresh new Synth Pop.
Datum hinzugefügt: 10.01.2012 von global reviews