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Wellenfeld - Fusion


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Warren Punshon, Synth Music Direct Synth Music Direct, 2005: I reviewed the last Wellenfeld CD (Cosmic Waves) and absolutely adored it. So, I was pretty excited when their latest CD arrived in the post for review. Could it be as good? Let's find out.
Cold, abstract digital sounds and a sparse drum track open 'Genesis'. A rhythmic sequence and warm analogue pads flesh out the mix before being joined by a more melodic sequence. A gloriously evocative melody, played on a vast string synth-type patch, gives emotional weight to the track. This, in fact, will be a recurring theme of the review. So much of this CD is beautifully emotional. The track ebbs and flows, the interest level maintained by subtle arrangement. A classy opener, I was impressed.
Piano and celestial sounds set a contemplative mood for 'Matrix'. Symphonic pads are added and I just wanted to luxuriate in them! Perhaps too soon, an up-front and contemporary drum track arrives, yet it is balanced by the celestial backing - perfectly. Melodic arpeggios add the harmony and I'm reminded, not for the last time, of Otarion. A languid, brassy, retro-sounding solo adds just a touch of nostalgia in an otherwise very 'now' track. Wonderful.'Fusion' begins in the bowels of some distant power plant with drones and strings. Pizzicato notes add detail before a bouncing., mid-range sequence makes it's presence felt. This is the most retro-sounding track so far. Again though, the beats are more contemporary in flavour, just up my strasse! A piano melody adds more of that vital Wellenfeld ingredient €“ emotion. Again Otarion comes to mind, but also Axxess. The arrangement is deftly steered through a 'breakdown' section before the elements re-align for another pass. Magic!
'Atmosphere' is more of a 'slow burner', with a Boddy like melodic sequence and atmospheric sounds deployed from the start. A steady rhythm is built and a spartan melody developed. Symphonic touches are, of course, added, along with piano. The arrangement is, again, skillfully handled. This track became my favourite.
Heavenly choirs, solar flares and orchestral pads herald 'Nordlicht'. After a minute or so we get an up-front rhythm, and again I'm impressed by the way that subtle atmospherics are played against heavy beats to superb effect €“ it just works. Arpeggios carry the melody. This is a real body mover, a definite cruising down the motorway track.
A Vangelis organ, of epic proportions, opens 'Hal'. A pair of sequences, one bass laden and slow, the other mid-range, add to the atmosphere. Steady beats underpin the track €“ this is very, very good. A simple, but infectious melody is added, played on a very eighties-sounding digital synth patch. Vast synth swells re-inforce the Vangelis influence and banish the melody, only for it to return to battle in 'question and answer' fashion through the remainder of the track.
A rapid arpeggio and disembodied effects get 'Odyssey' under way. Rapid hi-hat runs suggest that we're in for a storming track, a feeling reinforced when a second arpeggio and kick drum are added. The snares arrive along with that string synth again €“ it's just such a beautifully emotive sound. We also get a Jarre-like melody just for good measure.
Sub-terranean synth swells and electrical 'twitters' alert us to the arrival of 'Freeze'. A faint sequence begins to build intermittently behind this atmospheric soup. For the first time the sound of the 'Tron is also heard. Drums arrive to reinforce the sequence and the track becomes more beat- driven, but the beautiful atmospherics remain. A rousing, heart-felt melody soars over the track, carrying us to some distant nirvana. This track is practically a spiritual experience. If you like Otarion or Axxess then you simply must own this CD for this track alone!
Wow. So, a different beast to 'Cosmic Waves' in many ways, but exceptional. The retro elements are fewer, and instead the melodic/rhythmic and contemporary elements are allowed to come to the fore. If you like any of the artists mentioned in this review then I can't imagine a reason why you wouldn't want to own this. (WP)
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