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Uwe Reckzeh - Point North


1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen

David Law, www.synthmusicdirect.com: 'Digital Dreams' begins with all manner of windy sounds and whooshing effects. Indeed it is rather apocalyptic. A slow mournful sequence starts up backed by moody pads. A brooding rhythm slowly starts to form. All the different elements gradually become more intense then subside again in the third minute to slowly reform but in a rather edgy manner. A couple of months ago I raved about 'Timecode' but I was stocking this album before that one. I should have really reviewed it first but such was the 'buzz' around Uwe that I had sold out before I could write anything about it. Indeed I can see this being a constant problem. This will just sell and sell. It is likely to be one of my biggest albums of the year (2006). If you liked 'Timecode' or indeed just the highest quality melodic sequencer music you really must get this!]
Datum hinzugefügt: 10.01.2012 von global reviews