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Uwe Reckzeh - Unnatural Light


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Bert Strolenberg www.sonicimmersion.org, May 2009: Fine keys swirl as a musical carousel on Fall Line (Mos Revenge) opening. A soft minimalist movement
which gyre itself by a fauna of miscellaneous percussions whose smacking bore a soft synthesized veil.
The flow accelerates on brief neurotic sequences, drawing a strange wave-like cadenced structure on a
synth with lyrical whistling sticks to the ear. Once again Uwe Reckzeh presents an opus with varied
rhythmic dimensions in a magnificent musical atmosphere. We are far from the complex structures of the
contemporary EM. Unnatural Light is a beautiful collection of 9 tracks that we got into it with pleasure, so
much the musical universe there is rich, harmonious and this with sequenced structures that clash melodious
basis. Every title is preparing on intros more minimalist than atmospheric, taking shapes as surprising as charming.

Fluttering notes open shyly Good Vibration. Although poetic, the synth is kind of gloomy and haunts a structure
becoming more cadenced by a heavy wavy sequence and chords which tinkle in a musical universe loaded with
almost symphonic synths. A nice tune which hooks perfectly. In fact the whole musical universe of the German
synthesist leans on beautiful melodies which stumble between the new and the old Berlin School. As Wavelenght
and its hesitant structure which moves on a hemming synth and minimalist keys which hop on a synth with heavier
eurhythmies. We could believe to hear TDs ex Peter Baumann version 2010. Metamaterial is a wild race which
leads on a heavy galloping structure and a vocoder stratified by a synth with strangely striking layers. A beautiful
musical piece which switches its cadence with a completely surprising harmonious heaviness, as on Pure Energy
(Boogie Mix). Rhythmic arpeggios on progression are dancing on Linear Polarized opening. Hammering percussions
and a synth with heavy layers overload this minimalist pace which sometimes isolates itself, sometimes joins a
load and diversified musical fest. Refractive Index is a long minimalism corridor where drum sequences scatter on
an atonal structure which wraps itself with a heavy melodious synth on the finale, while Annihilation offers a structure
more supported with a rhythmic which is similar to Eurythmics Sweet Dreams are Made of This. A minimalist
structure which turns in loops on beautiful synthesized coats. Radiation closes Unnatural Light with a hypnotic
and sinister tempo which progresses stealthily veiled by Tangerine Dreamians stratums. A dark approach with a
vocoder which recites a fanciful rite in a chthonian atmosphere where the harmonies are outlined on a beautiful
melodious synth, just like all which gets on this beautiful 7th opus from Uwe Reckzeh.
Sylvain Lupari from Guts Of Darkness The French Magazine of Dark & Experimental Music , Juni 2009

[The accessible music of Uwe Reckzehs Unnatural Light€ (of which all tracks were composed and arranged
between 2007 and 2009) is still firmly rooted in the style of the Berliner School, but this time Uwes output
has been further valvanized and smoothened, ending up in a nice groovy, and overall moody recording.
... All in all, the well-executed Unnatural Light€ is a very pleasant and satisfying listen, sure for who love
the Berliner School sound and the aforementioned musical period of TD. Recommended.
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