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moonbooter - Orbit Number 2 (5.1 Surround DVD)


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EN: [Space and galaxies are the premise of wild imaginations of unrealism. This fascination finds its ways under various artistic facets, including literature, cinema and music, especially the EM kind. Pushing the limits of its imagination, Bernd Scholl modulated Orbit Number 2 in vast musical preamble, highlighting the history of man and his spatial evolution. Introduced in 10 missions, Orbit Number 2, the DVD, is homage to space pioneers and their explorations. The music is entirely Surround 5.1, with nearly 17 additional minutes have regard with CD. A music even more precise and powerful which reflects the ambiance in the CD, with archives images of a remote time where all was in black and white with scrambled visual waves. The artistic contrast is astonishing, while mixing perfectly with synchronism unfolding.
The images come from NASA, and some are totally new and publish for the first time, whereas others rise from various sources, including software animations. A paradoxical mixture of the visual evolution and opposite cultures. The result is simple, but effective. Starting from a subject eroded by years of showings, Moonbooter captive with a living and good sequenced music which revolves between strange beats, when the movements of weightlessness are showed, but curiously coherent with animation offered. Per moments, we have the impression that everything fall over in a visual lifelessness which clashes of its auditory decoration. A daring artistic vision which is a very beautiful
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