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moonbooter - Orbit Number 2


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Sylvain Lupari from gutsofdarkness.com October 2007: Sound effects of a boiling cosmos open the first notes of Out of Silence. Bernd Scholl goes right on the target by offering an opening track structure on accented rhythms, overlapping a progressive and aggressive techno, on extremely beautiful and harmonious pads. Percussions and sequencers animate an ambiance to lively pulsations on an upper hand tempo, inserted by hanging harmonious sequences. Hymne de la Lune is more hammering with a good bass line and metallic percussions on a nice floating synth. An interesting musical paradox which hooks hearing as well as the feet, on techno phases interlarded of lunar floating moments, showing the taste for hazard of Moonbooter. As on the opening track, the sequences are sublimes and circle with a hatched hesitation, wandering a hanging aria to the synth harmonies with sparkling melodies.
Genesis Device brings us in the nebulous universe of a cosmic world to vocal samplings. The movement is slow and waltzing, like a slow space waltz. Gradually, mellotron synths become more harmonious, contrasting with the approach of syncopated bass which brings a first rhythmic phase. A beautiful hesitant moment, where the harmony cogitates between two parallel worlds before the rhythm burst out a bit more. Another good track which transcends EM towards more techno territories. Illusion presents an intro with very restrain musical dashes. A charming puffed up melody hesitates to leave its shell, for finally releasing itself around the 4th minute. The impulsion hugs a jerked sound wave which turns in a delirious percussions set, lulled of a beautiful fluty synth. A collection of great tracks which goes on with the softly Orbit Number 2. Suave and fluid, it preserves his hatched nature in a universe veil by a misty piano, melancholic synth pads and tempos in constant progression until the nirvana of rhythms. Syncretic, Has time goes by is particular with its tempo sounding like a grandfather clock. A creative track with harmonies and a constant rhythmic
progression, always napped of enveloping mellotrons synths. Antagonism begins on a fluid intro with the rolling percussions. The tempo is difficult seize, but wrap of a striking fluty aura. A beat between two worlds on a sensitive and bewitching music, like we find all around Orbit Number 2. Haka is an infernal remix title of Erik Seifert on the tribal Maori rhythms Orbit Number 2 is not finish, Bernd Scholl invites you to use your PC for listening 3 extra tracks, in MP3format encodes at 192kbps, for a 23 minutes total time; Core, the Space Mix, a longer version of Free for Dawn and a Memory Dub remix of Orgasmik.
Tracks with cosmic movements, drowned of unbridled rhythms, jerked and syncopated where techno and stroboscopes are obsess by synths with uncrossed and marrow movements, a bit as Moonbooter style.
In spite of appearances, Moonbooter does more than music with reckless & wild rhythms, ideal for dance floors. It is a reflected music, between beats and atmospheres, creating a strange bewitching paradox because of the massive uses of coating and fluty synths, thus increasing the quest of senses. Orbit Number 2 is a very good album, built on beautiful synth pads with the accessible melodies on androgynies rhythms.]
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