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moonbooter - Orbit Number 2


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(Dave Law) www.synthmusicdirect.com: Cool futuristic sounds give way to an excellent energetic sequence as 'Out of Silence' gets the album off to a superb start. Another sequence, lower in the mix, adds extra excitement whilst a percussive melody really hits the spot. The initial sequence seems to gain even greater oomph and an infectious melody moulds it all together perfectly. We then get a gentle section containing ethereal vocal colouring before the sequences start to take centre stage again. What a stonking track this is! The way 'Hymne de la lune' started I thought we were going to go into a cover version of the Dr Who theme tune but no, a heavy bass beat comes in and we are soon propelled into dance music territory. The mood soon changes again a couple of minutes later as all rhythm momentarily departs and we descend to a collage of interesting sounds. As expected though, this is just a breather, the excitement building once more until we are again chugging along quite nicely, a delicate melody providing stark and very effective contrast to the much heavier backing.
'Genesis Device' uses some wonderful breathy deep space sounds that could have graced any Sci Fi movie. There are then some samples counting up to ten that somehow just go to intensify the sort of out of body feeling already created. Sampled text explains what the title of the track is about. Things become more syncopated, the rhythms seeming to exist in a different dimension to the rest of the track, as if the backing is external and the beats represent a machine separate from its environment. Again it's all extremely effective. As we pass the eight-minute mark things really do start to kick and now I just had to let myself go with the flow. There is always something happening as each element shifts and changes keeping real interest throughout every minute of the track's fourteen-minute duration. 'Illusion' uses an appropriately swirling sequence and mysterious little melody. A stabbing (almost Morse Code) like bass line adds tension. A rhythm is deployed and the track builds in rather Otarion fashion. String pads give some contrasting softness. The rhythm is just superb, not forceful but infectious enough to get the body moving and swaying slowly to the beats. As it progresses a sort of moodiness and attitude is developed which takes the track to even greater heights. Just superb. The title track is all rather tranquil to start off with. Cello sounds create a lovely atmosphere, gentle piano adding detail over the top. A skipping sequence joins in and is just as delightful. There is a definite feel of 'Chariots of Fire' to it all, especially in the melody department. Yet another fantastic track.
'As Time Goes By' is initially all rather crackly, maybe hinting at audio of the past. This fades away, a clock ticks and a driving rhythm and piano lead line become the main features. Mellotron is also added to the brew. This is a beautiful piece full of joy and even a little humour. Swirling atmospherics give way to a squelchy sequence as 'Antagonism' kicks into life. A high hat line gives a little extra drive put this is softened by some lovely flutey synth. It's all rather relaxed but even so quite a groove is developed. We finish the 'standard' CD tracks with a remix of the Erik Seifert track 'Haka', a celebration of the Maori war dance. And what a fantastic mix of ancient and modern it is too taking tribal type beats and giving them a contemporary kick full of venom and energy. Awesome bass line too. Again, fantastic but still, to these ears, with a hint of a smile. If you are just playing this album on a standard CD player that is where the entertainment finishes (though you will already have had a decent running time of over 70 minutes for your money). If you have a computer though there are three more very good quality mp3 tracks that can be accessed containing an extra 23 minutes of music.
Some NASA sampled chat leads to rather ominous spooky drones on the first of the extra tracks 'Core'. A rumbling bass line imparts tension then in come the dance beats, softened somewhat by a percussive lead line. It is a piece with quite a few different sections to it, each portraying a mood of its own but still working well as a complete piece of music, containing excellent melodies throughout but also exciting foot tapping rhythms. I expected something quite corny for 'Orgasmik' (you know, lots of sampled moaning- that sort of thing) but instead got a superb rhythmic number initially full of mean attitude which just explodes in the fourth minute in a high energy blast of beats, falling over themselves in an effort to get your body moving. Not too original maybe but exciting nevertheless. 'Free From Dawn' has sampled speech from Star Trek or something similar before getting once more into an entertaining high-energy blast. All three extra tracks are well worth having and even though they don't better anything on the CD proper, as an extra bonus they are very welcome, making an already superb album even more desirable.
Datum hinzugefügt: 06.01.2012 von global reviews