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moonbooter - Teralogica


1 von 5 Sternen1 von 5 Sternen

WP) www.synthmusicdirect.com : [...The music comprises warm pads and the sound of an old CR-78 beatbox (I believe). ' Beaachjam' is all smoky electric piano, strummed acoustic guitar and laid-back beats. It's the kind of thing you get on a gardening or interiors show. Perhaps they're best programmed out? Abstract effects open 'Wrong Order', before a crunchy, contemporary rhythm and sequence build. A lovely analog melody fits the backing perfectly. The album is back on track now I feel. 'Orgasmik' brings the CD to a climax! From laid back beginnings it gradually builds into a trance anthem! A tough one this. Four of the tracks are going to alienate hard-core SMDers. But the rest would be enjoyed by Otarion or Axxess (and possibly Skin Mechanix) fans. The quality of the music and production is very high, so perhaps it's worth a try for fans of the artists I've mentioned.] (
Datum hinzugefügt: 06.01.2012 von global reviews