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moonbooter - Lunatic Voyage


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Dave Law, www.synthmusicdirect.com: This is a much more balanced album than his last 'Under Control' (which was still superb in it's own way). A sequence comes in and belts along at quite a rate slowly building the excitement but there were none of the characteristic ground shaking body moving rhythms. The second track starts off in similar fashion but then the drums enter and this is now more like the Moonbooter I am used to but there is still a subtlety and very appealing restraint here that feeds the mind instead of stirring you up into the sort of excited thrashing frenzy that often characterised his other works. I would class quite a few of the pieces here as gentle chuggers, sequences taking a much more prominent role than I have heard from him before. This isn't to say that it isn't also rhythmic, just that both forms of syncopation take equal roles. Occasional use is made of vocal samples without over doing it. This is particularly effective on 'Somewhere Between Moon and Earth' (this would make a superb single actually). There are also some very fine melodies that gently caress rather than flashing over the top, non-finer than on 'Between the Sentiments'.
Some tracks are even quite moody, oozing attitude. There's hook after hook, melodies staying in the mind well after the disc has been taken out of the player. Each Moonbooter albums has a very individual character. Of all of them however this could well have the widest appeal. Hilarious finish to the album by the way!
Datum hinzugefügt: 06.01.2012 von global reviews