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moonbooter - Cosmoclimax


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Sylvain Lupari Guts Of Darkness www.gutsofdarkness.com: For its 6th opus, Moonbooter took the bet to unite rhythms and sequences on music more atmospheric, always keeping its melodious approach. An audacious bet, considering the passion for Bernd Scholls technoïd and heavy rhythms. All the more audacious as Cosmoclimax was written for a concert held at the Planetarium of Bochum, on February 14th, 2009. The German synthezist reached its goal by offering a robust performance. Cosmoclimax is this day his most mature work.
A long rotary drone opens Evolved Signs. Sweets but fat keys drill this incisive reverberation, while a hiccupping sequence bites this semi languor cosmic, freeing percussion which permute a groovy kind of rhythm. Beautiful orchestral arrangements, where a thousand violin strings kiss this lascivious rhythmic, add an emotional depth to this introductory piece. A track builds as Moonbooter knows so well how to make it; synthesized couplets and chorus with cadenced turns as surprising as unexpected. And this is where lies the charm of this album which flows with a sensual sweetness, printed by a poetry cosmic melancholy. As if space was Bernd Scholl ultimate objective. This first title will tame you easily, but Welcome to the new World risks to charm you even more.
Arpeggios in rotations, as seized of an Earth' attraction, swirl in a spacey cylinder where juicy and heavy keys of basses bite the structure. A hypnotic structure which goes out of its stasis to progress on magnificent percussions which crush both this soft hypnotic rhythm as our ears. Welcome to the new World pursues this space romance with a minimalism cadence which a big synth surrounds of its heavy layers, dwindling the reach of ethereal voices which swirl around it. A magnificent title filled with a life eaten away by dreams. And so goes Cosmoclimax. Heavy and atmospheric the intro of Prelude is shaken by scattered percussions, opening the door to a progressive pace where synths and eerie voice charming this cosmic cohesion which ends in a soft hatched tempo, but wrapped by a rich synth. Chill Me distances itself with a big funky rhythm approach, which makes more dance than dream, even with its atmospheric flashes, veiled by a voice narrating Genesis. Some pure Moonbooter that we can appreciate on heavy and melodious Soul Down Back to my Soul. Heavy and chipped chords Dark Dark Heart is possibly the musical piece which sticks immediately with a beautiful feminine voice on a nervous rhythm which exploits the spatial premises. Atmospheric cosmic intro on hesitating and circular structure, Life one Other Planets and In the Dawn of Evolution hems on canvassers and very lyrical synths before exploding on a hybrid techno where the atmospheres are close to the powerful and wild rhythms of dance floors. A little as Spaceborn and The First Time, quieter and more melodious, who swirl in spatial atmospheres on very musical and soft musical structures.
Cosmoclimax of Moonboter borrows the rhythmic and melodious paths of the German musician previous works Except that this time, Bernd Scholl really managed to produce a hybrid EM where powerful rhythms line the ambiances and the metaphysical atmospheres of a world in formation. An excellent album for those who like bursting in a mixed atmosphere.
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