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Live Münster November 2018



Live Münster November 2018

E-Day 2011


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file under: Ambient, Berliner Schule, Electronic Music, Instrumental, Hypnotic


e-day 2011

  1. Rene Splinter - Bahnhof Zoo [4:29]
  2. Remy - Shadows of Ignorance [16:34]
  3. Erik Wollo - Ataraxia 1 [7:33]
  4. Erik Wollo - Ataraxia 2 [7:38]
  5. Rene Splinter - Tunnel Vision [9:13]
  6. Harald Grosskopf & Friends (Sunya Beat) - E-Day live 1 [9:13]
  7. Harald Grosskopf & Friends (Sunya Beat) - E-Day live 2 [9:14]
  8. Harald Grosskopf & Friends (Sunya Beat) - E-Day live 3 [6:36]
  9. Rene Splinter - Lemniscate Live [8:12]


“E-Day 2011” has three tracks by Harald Grosskopf and Friends, two by René Splinter, two by Erik Wøllo and one (but a long one) by Remy. Splinter brought back a lot of memories because his music reminds a lot of that made by Tangerine Dream in the early eighties. This includes the typical PPG Wave Computer-sounds which he generates in “Bahnhof Zoo” (the titles are also comparable with that of TD) and “Tunnel Vision”. Wonderful stuff! Remy (Stroomer) brings a soft rhythmic piece with excellent drums, sequencing and soloing that builds up and becomes more full as the piece progresses. Wøllo is a (grand)master of ambient. He clearly shows that on “Ataraxia 1” and “Ataraxia 2”. The music, electronic by played through a guitar, reminds of the great ambient composers Patrick O’Hearn and David Helpling. Erik is a musician who needs to be heard. Festivals like E-Day and E-Live are great stages for this. Harald Grosskopf and Friends (actually the band Sunya Beat) bring “E-Day live 1”, “E-Day live 2” and “E-Day live 3”. These are three rhythmic tracks (what else could you expect from a man like Grosskopf, who is the one guy that started drumming with sequencers during the days that he worked with Klaus Schulze and Ashra. An important place in this music is the electric guitar of Mario Heilhecker. The third track has a great opening.
E-Day 2011 was, as ever, a fine festival with joyful concerts. These compilation cd’s bring back a lot of memories to these great days. Let them last forever! 

source: groove.nl



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