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moonbooter - Fast Reflections


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file under: Electronic Music, Electronica, House, Instrumental, IDM, Soundtrack, SpaceMusic, Techno, Trance, Vocal

2/2008 | 65:45 minutes




P l a y l i s t
1 - I am (never look back mix)   5:34
2 - Dancefloor Lady (Progressiv Mix)   7:03
3 - Let there be music (creatix mix16)   5:46
4 - Desire for more (barefoot mix)   6:11
5 - Progression (i.d.F.Mix)   6:15
6 - Where do You sleep tonight ? (cheesy mix)   4:45
7 - Illusion (Trancer Spacey Mix)   7:51   REMIXED BY ERIK SEIFERT
8 - Beat It (not too hard mix)   4:44
9 - Welcome to the new World (Sterwarte mix)   7:24
10 - Eureka (moonboots Mix)   4:03   ORIGINAL MIX BY GODFRID STOCKMANS
11 - Reaching the Sun   6:09


+ 12 - out of silence (new generation mix)
+ 13 - the first time (LIVE Reggae MIX)
+ MUSICVIDEO Dancefloor Lady (full lenght)


TIME  65:45 plus 19:43



 P l a y e r

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C o n t e n t

"fast reflections" is a sequel of my album "faster" from 2008. My second passion behind making 
challenging electronic music is producing intelligent dancemusic and the joy of remixing songs.
So I again compiled the danceable, unreleased dance-tracks + some remixes + liveversions from my 
last concerts on this release.

Some of the trax on "fast reflections" like "desire for more" or "Where do You sleep tonight?" were on 
top of several underground dance charts over weeks. I am proud that I, born in 1971, can still inspire 
young people to dance to my music.

The trax on "fast reflections" are not only produced for the dancefloor. You can listen to this music  - if 
You feel down  - while ironing Your clothes -driving the car  - or wherever :o)

There are two more songs plus a musicvideo (dancefloor lady) on this CDR -> PLEASE BROWSE IT AT 
YOUR PC/MAC. The two songs are: out of silence (new generation mix) and the first time 
(LIVE Reggae MIX)

I like to say thanks to some friendly artists: 


to Erik Seifert for remixing my song "Illusion" 


to Godfried Stockmans for the chance to remix his song "Eureka" 


to Alex Bellwood for the excellent guitar-riffs  


credits: coverfoto by Michaela Scholl  |  coverart by moonbooter
music produced between Mai 2008 and August 2009 
c+p Bernd Scholl aka moonbooter
audiomastering by moonbooter at skyflight studio II 

  • Artikelnummer: cdr-mb0902
  • Gewicht: 1 Stück
  • Hergestellt von: MellowJet-Records


global reviews
Auch wenn Fast Reflections genügend Stoff für die Tanzfläche hat, so bietet die Musik doch genug Melodien und ansprechende Elektroniksounds, die den Elektronikfreund befriedigen wird. Aus meiner Sicht überwiegen sogar die Stücke, die stilistisch in seine bisherigen normalen Alben passen. Besonders gut eignet sich die Musik auch im Auto auf einer längeren Fahrt (konnte das auf der Heimreise vom Electronic Circus-Festival sehr gut testen). Bernd hat wieder mal eine sehr gute CD veröffentlicht, die als Missing Link zwischen traditioneller EM und Dancemusik verstanden werden kann. Mir macht das Album jedenfalls Spaß. Wer die bisherigen Alben von Moonbooter oder auch die Instrumentalstücke von Schiller mag, der kann hier bedenkenlos zuschlagen. Stephan Schelle, September 2009 musikzirkus-magazin.de]