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Rene Splinter - Transit Realities


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    Model: cdr-rs1001 | Shipping Weight: 1pcs. | Manufactured by: MellowJet-Records

file under: Ambient, Berliner Schule, Electronic Music, Instrumental, IDM, SpaceMusic, Hypnotic, Meditation

2010 | 56:41 minutes




P l a y l i s t

1  Denali  02:08
2  Kenai  02:39
3  Alatna River  12:40
4  Bering Glacier  06:58
5  Snowmobile Race  04:10
6  Fairbanks  01:44

7  Transit Line  06:31
8  Bahnhof Zoo  06:05
9  Palast  08:15
10  The Big Star  05:31

P l a y e r


this album was unreleased so far and contains 100% plugin-free music


audiomastering &  coverdesign by moonbooter

“Alaska” -  Recorded January-February 1993 

“Metropolitan” Recorded Between June and August 1992 
Digital restoration and remix: Between December 2008 and July 2009 

Big thanks go to: Mark (for inspiring me), Arie and Irwan (for encouraging me), 
Bjørn, Stefan and Chris (for understanding), Bernd (for believing in me and for the final mastering) 
and Leon (for being here with me).


C o n t e n t

René Splinter - "Transit Realities"  'Transit Realities' deals about journeys through both the real world and the virtual equivalent. Traveling within dreams and metropolitan cities, over mountains, through rivers and digitally rendered landscapes. A symphonic soundscape painting of transits between reality and the imaginary world.   'Transit Realities' was originally recorded during 1992 and 1993. After the mixing was complete late 1993, these tracks ended up in archives. It was only considered as an experiment on how to realize dreams into reality, by converting the music I dreamt of into real audible sound. And I basically ended up making music that I wanted to hear myself.  It was only a few years from now, many years after the recordings, that I re-discovered the tracks and realized that there might be a possibility I would not be the only person wanting to listen to such music.  So, I decided to dust off the tapes, transfer the original multi-tracks into the digital world and to rework the mix with current technology in order to gain more depth and dynamics, but maintaining the original atmosphere as much as possible, or even improving it slightly.   When finished, I felt that I could revisit my journeys again. And this time I'd like to invite you to join me. 

Hopefully, you'll like it as much as I have enjoyed making it. 

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