Bernd Kistenmacher - Let it Out ! + Compressed Fluid


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file under: Berliner Schule, Chillout, Electronic Music, Instrumental, NewAge, Soundtrack, SpaceMusic

10/2012 | 61:10 minutes


P l a y l i s t

1 - Let it Out !  41:08 *

 2 - Compressed Fluid  (Bonustrack) 19:58 **

In August 2010, Bernd Kistenmacher was invited to perform at the famous “Ricochet Gathering” festival for electronic music in Berlin. His contribution was a specially composed piece that presents the musical gamut from Berlin school electronics and his current, symphonic motifs. So “Let It Out!” was simply conceived as "40 years in 40 minutes" - a journey through 40 years of electronic music. Just as it had influenced and shaped him.

**In january 2012, Bernd Kistenmacher presented his remarkable solo-album “Antimatter” in a unique live-performance at the Planetarium of city of Muenster (Germany). The encore of this concert was based on the main musical motifs of "Antimatter", let's say a "compressed" version of it, giving him more space for improvisations and soli on his beloved Minimoog synthesizer.

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C r e d i t s

All tracks composed, arranged and performed by Bernd Kistenmacher.
“Let It Out!” was recorded in october 2010 at Ricochet Gathering Festival in Berlin; Germany.
“Compressed Fluid” was recorded in january 2012 as encore for the “Antimatter Live” concert in Planetarium Muenster; Germany.

Special thanks to Bernd Scholl (Mellowjet Records), Michael Menze and Cord Brandis (Roland Germany), Vik Rec (Ricochet Gathering), Dr. Rolf Landua (CERN), Bjoern Voss (Planetarium Muenster) and Michel Le Stum (Bordeaux, France) for their help, ideas, support and friendhip.

Artist info and contact:

Audiomastering by moonbooter at Skyflight Studio 2, Germany, October 2012
Artwork by

Bernd Kistenmacher

C o n t e n t 

In August 2010 Vic Rek, Mastermind of „Ricochet Dream“ invited me to participate in his famous „Ricochet Gathering“. This annual festival which takes place at changing locations on this planet was supposed to be something special this time. First, this event celebrated its thenth’s birthday, second, as it reminds of the roots of modern electronic music, 40 years of “Berliner Schule of electronic music” had been achieved (including the famous representatives of this guild). Enough reasons to choose Berlin as venue for this festival, more precisely the well known Schoeneberger City Hall, a place of world political importance.
So, many national and international guests celebrated from October 15th to 18th 2010 in form of sessions, interviews and concerts.
As a personal contribution I composed a song especially for this event, which draws a bow between Berliner Schule Electronics and my current, symphonic motives. This song has been composed and arranged within 8 days. A very spontaneous decision. No deeper consideration. Just letting out what inspired me thinking of “40 years Berliner Schule”. That’s it: “Let It Out!” is an acoustic journey through 40 years of electronic music as it influenced and shaped me. I  hope you will enjoy my music.

Bernd Kistenmacher, Dezember 2010


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